Dairycon 2012: The Page Fred doesn't know about!

I like Fred. He's a great guy. But I think he gives people too-much credit. :-) Which is great, because my credit is lousy. Can someone loan me five bucks? Anyways... since I was involved in the creation of some of this, I just *had* to comment on these characters in more depth. They're all good, but these are *great!* With any luck, by the time Fred sees this, it will be too-late, and I'll have once again taken over the world! Mwahahaha! (Note to Self: Cut down on evil laugh.)

So here's a 'behind the scenes' look at these elite Dairycons...From the Future!

Awesum Possum: What is not to like about Awesum Possum?! That great color scheme, yet he's a cheerful version of Rattrap? Who has good luck? That's Awesum! Of-course, what isn't revealed in his bio is that it's not just luck- he's Crazy Prepared! I'm talking Batman Levels of Crazy Prepared. After all, if the Commisioner ever called (because he couldn't get a pickle jar opened, and the Gotham City Police are stumped) Batman will already have placed the Emergency Bat Pickle Jar opener in Gordon's right-hand desk drawer. Amazing! Or should I say, Awesum?

I am still in awe that Awesum Possum doesn't just roll up and play dead.

As to the Felonious Ferret quote... every Batman has his Catwoman, and I have every confidence that, if I wish hard enough, Julie Newmar will show up as a future Exclusive.

Rally Rhino: When I first saw this, I thought *for sure* that this was going to be a riff on that (even worse) version of this toy, the Rally Checkers Rhinox (pic). As it turns-out (though I guessed at the similarity of the -link- Fox Kids Transmetal Rhinox color scheme), I was surprised by the almost Eeyore-like attitude and techspec quote! Some sidekick. If Robin were this moody around Batman, I doubt either of them would have left the Awesum Cave.

Somehow, Rally Rhino went from being a nascar/sports fan to a cross between Eeyore and a Jehovas Witness ("Have you accepted Primus into your Life?") Well, at least the color fits. I do like the bit about it originally being Washout- it's an exact reverse of Rhinox becoming Tankor (in this case, the tank becomes the rhino.) Funny stuff.

Burning Monkey: Oh. My. God. A future version of 2003's Burning Furry Monkey, that's actually the *past* version of Optimus Minor's ultimate form? My head just exploded. I enjoyed the 2003 version (which was a redeco of the Optimus Minor mold) so to see him reissued in this new form is simply priceless!

By the time we meet him in the original Dairycon storyline, he'd already been in the past awhile. So this is the version of him that first makes the time-jump (so he's a younger, happier, monkey.) I like his quote only because it's such a great riff on the original one. I'd love to know how he ended up going from Ground Commander to Groundskeeper- apparently, Electrum Beast turns everyone he meets into a sourpuss.

Battle Bat: In the tradition of beating a dead horse, if you didn't pick it up from every hint in the bio who he is... :-) I actually like his repurposed function and motto; it fits him well.

The Cracker: Ok, this one was initially a head-scratcher. Back in the GlenCon days (I never thought I would miss those days), there were the OTFCC Wreckers. Skywarp (Jetstorm recolor) joined the ranks of Exclusives for that year's show. So to see 'The Cracker' (jetstorm recolor) join his Seeker bretheren- yep. I like it. Just the karma of using another Jetstorm mold was good; to actually take this toy and make it into something I like? Wow.

I can't wait to see fan reaction when they get *this* as a box set!