Dairycon Fabulous Fourteen Accessory Pack!

IDW - Improvised Defense Weapon

Prime is phoning it in! The Improvised Defense Weapon (I.D.W. as Prime's Pole has become known) was used in a decisive skirmish in the Autobot/Decepticon Battle. Devoid of his faceplate, and without any recourse, Prime ripped a telephone pole out of the ground and smashed Megatron with it, thus saving the day.

These rare, seldom seen photogaphs were taken on the day of that memorable battle.

Believed lost until recently (where it was found posing as a robo-psychologist), the famed IMPROVISED DEFENSE WEAPON can be yours today!

Compatible with most Prime toys, this icon of vintage Transfandom can now decorate your Teletraan Trophy Room.

Click here to see our renactment of the famed battle!