Dairycon 2017 Exclusives!

'Cow-A-Bunga' Assortment!

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Gripes
Function: Ornament

Quote: "Beware the Red Cow?!"

GRIPES has issues. You know what really grinds his gears? Being called "Holiday Heffer" by *everyone,* including his Conjux Endura. A shared altmode with his erstwhile ally BUFFER, and a festive paint job nonwithstanding, GRIPES is the Grumpy Smurf of DAIRYCONS. Or he would be, if anyone knew what that was.

GRIPES spent considerable time hanging on Aron's festivus tree after a continuity error caused him to be left behind on the giant green aliens' planet in episode 44. It took decades for him to return to earth. Promptly joining the DAIRYCONS, they slapped their logo on GRIPES cab to advertise their presence on earth.

He's not happy.

Complaining is his main power. About everything. Vocal processors release verbal virals that depress an opponent, typically causing him to give up the fight. A particularly strong opponent can stay cheerful, causing GRIPES to deploy his Holiday Tinsel, or ‘chaff’ into the field to make his escape. Arguably one of the more fuel-efficient Dairycons, as he uses his mouth, not his weapons. Unfortunately, his complaining is exactly why his fellow ‘bots don’t want to be near him either.

Left behind on most missions, GRIPES spends 11 months out of the year stored inside a box. He's taken out once a year to promote the cause. Hatred of everyone's beloved HEFFER causes severe processor glitch.

Alt Mode | In Package | Combined with Victorion

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Buffer
Function: Communication Interference

Quote: "That’s...a nice…conversation...ya...got...there..."

Like his friend GRIPES, Buffer has been called ‘HOLIDAY HEFFER’ before. Unlike Gripes, BUFFER takes it as a compliment. A chance encounter with the female combiner VICTORIAN caused GRIPES and BUFFER to adopt their color scheme. However, while GRIPES complains about it, BUFFER couldn’t be happier.

BUFFER is equipped with ‘freeze frame’, allowing the temporary slowing down and stopping, or ‘freezing’ of an opponent for short bursts of time. Most bots actually see the ‘buffering’ symbol across their display before it all stops for them. In the interim, they are hypnotized and extremely open to any suggestions BUFFER might make.

Conversation with his fellow bots is nearly impossible, as the same processor glitch that acts as a weapon also infects his intra-Dairycon radio. He doesn’t seem bothered by it.

Alt Mode | In Package | Buffering | Combined with Victorion

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