Dairycon 2017 Exclusives!

The Bible Belt

History is rife with tales of powerful objects. Relics that give their bearer's, heroes and villains alike, the ability to perform deeds great and terrible. Their names have become legend; The Ark of the Covenant, The Deathly Hallows, The Cosmic Cube, The One Ring, just to name a few. Now, one Dairycon has amassed five such relics of fallen Decepticon Leaders. Each has the power to shake worlds, but together their power is beyond measure. Gathered together into a single receptacle, The Bible Belt, they constitute the greatest source of power in the known universe. All should fear he who bears The Bible Belt and it's relics!

Relics of the Bible Belt

The Blood of Chaos

A flask of Energon drained from the corpse of Unicron by Cyclonus, it is said to be the final remnants of Unicron's Spark. A single drop is enough to burn a city to ash.

The Template of Doom

Hidden for millions of years, Starscream sought out Megatron's original blueprints to learn the secret of his fusion cannon and it's interdimensional link to a black hole. A disastrous experiment allowed a dark force hidden deep inside the black hole to escape and become trapped in Megatron's blueprints. These cursed documents show all who look upon them the their most dreaded nightmare.

The Sigil of Madness

Rodimus Prime tore this Decepticon insignia from Galvatron's chest. To look upon it is to be driven to madness.

The Sting of Living Death

After a platoon of Autobot warriors felled the terrifying Scorponok, Wheeljack forged the tip of his tail into a blade, not knowing the power it would contain. Those wounded by the dagger are cursed to a living death, to slowly rust away over a thousand agonizing years.

The Eye of Logic

Ripped from Shockwave's head by Optimus Prime. It gives the bearer the power to peer across time and space.