Dairycon 2020 Exclusives!

'20th Anniversary' Assortment!

Read about these exciting characters in Dairycon 2040: Erect and Proud!!

Allegiance: MOTU
Name: Bonerod
Function: Havoc Inducing Phallic Symbol

Quote: "Speak softly, and carry me."

BONEROD is the magic staff (no, not that one) used by PRETENDER SKELETON to channel his power on the battlefield. Though not sentient itself, it can be used by minions such as JOKE-OR to increase power, or as a protective suit in battle.

In addition to power amplification and protection, BONEROD can function as a spark extractor, crudely ripping apart a bots' chassis and consuming it.

Not possessed of a spark itself. Unable to take independent action. Basically a stick.

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Name: The Wintergreen Soldier
Function: Breath Freshener

Quote: "You won't chew me up and spit me out!"

WINTERGREEN SOLDIER is a Great War veteran, a former officer, and the best friend of DAIRYCON VOLKS since they were forged. Conscripted and assigned to the Wreckers, his regiment was nearly wiped out in the Toxic Sludge Swamps of Cybertron.

WINTERGREEN SOLDIER was captured and experimented on by NEMESIS HEFFER, and later rescued by DAIRYCON VOLKS (who had become CAPTAIN AMERICAR during the BATTLE FOR BREW CITY.) Upon joining forces in the continuing war, WINTERGREEN SOLDIER and CAPTAIN AMERICAR won several key battles, avenging their fallen comrades and assembling key victories for the Dairycon cause.

Armed with his Doublemint barrelled Ice Breakers cannon, Extra long Trident, and his Bazooka he calls Big Red, WINTERGREEN SOLDIER will Cinnaburst onto the battlefield, in the air, on the sea, or on the Beachies alike and Excel into the fray to Eclipse the enemy's defenses, and send them into Orbit.

The she'bots all find him Bubbilicious, hampering his effectiveness in mixed combat. Heavy artillery can Dentyne his chassis. Frequent 'bouts of being offline has caused some memory gaps.

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Allegiance: Autocon
Name: Dairycon Volks
Function: Vintage Warrior

Quote: "5000 to NoChode!"

A veteran from the old Autocon/Dairybot Wars. During a key final battle, was ambushed and knocked offline. Years later, DAIRYCON VOLKS was found and restored to function. Now calling himself Captain AmeriCar, he joins WINTERGREEN SOLDIER in the ongoing BATTLE FOR BREW CITY.

DAIRYCON VOLKS chassis is a cut above the rest. Possesses Enhanced strength and Durability. In battle, uses increased Speed and High-level processing to defeat his enemies. Vibranium-laced hubcaps allow him to slice through most materials.

As the oldest active Autocon, DAIRYCON VOLKS often forgets who his friends are and what side he's on, leading to infighting amongst his current friends. Longs for the old days, when he used to perform on stage punching fake Megatron.

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Slam
Function: Beat Stick

Quote: "The sound of war... sound of war..."

War-weary veteran of ten thousand battles. Originally part of the cassette combiner SlamDance; the Dairycon virus left him damaged and modelocked. Now functions as a weapon or a limb, depending on which zombified transformer has him.

Currently none. As useless as a cassette was (a cassette that was under water inside a pirate's chest), he's now a powerless vaguely tank-shaped stick. Serves as ZOMBIE ROADBUSTER's right leg (which he occassionally removes in order to hit people with).

See abilities.

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Allegiance: Bayformer
Name: Zombie Roadbuster
Function: Irritant

Quote: "Raaahhhh!"

In the Bayformer universe, ROADBUSTER used to enjoy a few minutes of screentime. However, at the behest of ARCH NEMESIS, he was infected by DR JELLYFINGER and let loose in the Dairycon Universe, infecting all he came in contact with. Will HEFFER and TOILETBOT be able to stop him in time?

Can infect human or Cybertronian alike, by direct contact, or by throwing a part of his crumbling chassis at them. Any contact will result in infection. A combination of cosmic rust and vegetable oil, the Dairycon Virus has no known cure. Only a rumor, a story really. A legend. A mythical liquid organic substance that can neutralize the threat... oh, if only it could be discovered in time!

Slow. Unthinking. Barely functions in either mode. Still Very Deadly. Best to avoid. Just like the pre-zombified version.

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Allegiance: Self
Name: Somebody's Mom
Function: Killjoy

Quote: "You have enough toys!"

Somebodys Mom does not find being grandmother to a toy collection funny. Not sure where she went wrong. Shakes her head sorrowfully and tsks tsks whenever she sees it. Closes bedroom door whenever company comes, in order to hide the shame.

Judgement. Shockingly unwanted judgment. Harder to ignore than you might think. Possessed of unparrallelled dissapointment in her offspring. Able to toss toys in garbage bags and donate them to Goodwill in 0.5 seconds.

Unable to comprehend "collecting". Believes it to be a waste of time and money. Just wishes they'd meet someone nice and move out of the house. Obsessed with this "real life" thing no one else cares about.

In Package

Notes 1: I think we pretty well laid this one out for you. Myah.

Notes 2: It's Bucky. And gum.

Notes 3: Autocon was a yahoogroup of transfans (after ATT, but before Facebook.) This is an Anniversary Autocon Exclusive, made in honor of a simpler time.

Notes 4: Its a secret! Also been bumped to next year.

Notes 5: Poor GrandSlam. From Pirate's booty, to Roadbusters boot.

Notes 6: Raaahhhh!" Look, it's evasion mode Roadbuster! Bumped from 2019.

Notes 7: Because.

Notes 8: TBA

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