Dairycon 2023 Exclusives!

'The Moo Generation' Assortment!

Allegiance: Southern Cross
Name: Hover 2A
Function: Ground Assault

Scavanged from an alien spacecraft and put into mass production, Hover 2 is the quintessential fighting machine; powered by c-culture, it is an essential piece in the war against the Alien Enemy.

Superior mobility on earthen terrain. Armed with a variety of artillery shells in Guardian mode, and a plasma cannon in tank mode. Ablative armor protects exoframe and pilot from all but the heaviest weapons. On-board computers react to threats almost instantaneously, making the pilot essentially redundant.

Plasma cannon doesn't run out of ammo, but the artillery shells do; leaving it at a disadvantage in prolonged combat. Unit occasionally seems to have a mind of its own, reacting in unforseen ways (usually to protect the pilot), making it difficult for unseasoned organics to use.

Vehicle Mode | Hover 2 vs Hover 2a | No, That's Really How He's Transformed

Allegiance: Matchbox
Name: Shock Scout
Function: Enemy

Abandoned at R-point, Shock Scout was exposed to overwhelming amounts of C-culture and eventually gained sentience. Still fights against the Human Enemy, though now without need of an Alien pilot.

Shock Scout's evolved form allows it to change into an Alien claw that can destroy Armor with one swipe, though it almost never uses the ability. Can be outfitted with additional weapons specific to the mission.

Latent engrams of previous host wreck havoc with cognitive processing. Shock Scout remains a loyal subject, even after their leader ran away with a human.

In Package | Vs. Armor | Vs. Armor In Package | Fight! | Inspiration

Name: My Pet RockLord




Unboxed | With Narlie

Allegiance: Exo Squad
Name: Headmaster Marsala
Function: NeoSapien Rebel

Quote: "Hey, we're part of Robotech, too!"

A former lab created slave, Marsala revolted against his masters. Later, he betrayed his own kind, and joined his former masters against them. You think I'm joking, but that's the actual story.

Already stronger than a typical human, Marsala is now able to utilize 'master technology and take over compatible forms, making their power his own. Originally a user of technology, Marsala is now part of the technology itself; as-such, he has an immediate understanding of anything he links with. No longer limited to E-frames, Marsala can fuze with any technology: Human, neosapien, zentradi, invid, etc.

Pretty sure those shifting loyalties are a big weakness.

Vehicle Mode | Neosapiens Attack!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Fire Guts Windbreaker
Function: Crack Patrol

Quote: "Pull my finger!"

Powered by c-culture, and energized by The Moo, Windbreaker has taken on his Super God form! Windbreaker has never met a joke he didn't like, and of course, fart jokes are his favorite of all. Nicknamed "SBD" (Silent But Deadly), Windbreaker's jokes keep his comrades loose on the battlefield, and entertained when off duty.

Windbreaker is a lover of anything that can be called retro. Tends to overuse some classic words and phrases, especially exotic terms for, and relating to, flatulence; "Barn-Burner," "Booty-bomb," "Fire in the hole," etc.

In robot mode Windbreaker carries an incendiary acid rifle whose explosive blasts can dissolve the strongest materials on contact. In vehicle mode, the noxious fumes given off by his malfunctioning catalytic converter can interfere with other bots targeting systems and incapacitate most organic life forms. Windbreaker is among the fastest of all Dairycons. On flat terrain his speed can even create a sonic boom...of sorts...disorienting his enemies and occasionally his allies.

Human allies have been known to faint or feel lightheaded in close proximity to Windbreaker. His robotic brethren often disable their olfactory sensors around him due to his catalytic converter problem, leaving them vulnerable to certain types of chemical attacks that they would otherwise detect. Calling out different code names for his 'lethal weapon' don't always win him friends. "Hey Decepticons! My aft loves you so much, it blew you a kiss!" (BRAAAAP!)

Vehicle Mode | In Package

Allegiance: Gakken
Name: Actionmaster Rook
Function: Cannon Fodder

Having been spurned by Headmaster Scott as a potential love interest, Rook has taken on a new biomech form, mostly out of spite.

Exposed to overwhelming amounts of C-culture, Rook has merged with her Ride Armor, and is now more powerful than other technology-enhanced humans. Built-in suit blasters seemingly never run out of ammo; perfect for the shoot-em up lifestyle.

New biomech form is still evolving; it currently renders her unable to transform, or remove the armor, making it difficult to interact with others or to travel any great distances.

Alt Mode | In Package

Notes 1: A green recolored hovertank is a deep cut, but canon for Robotech.
Notes 2: It's the Invid! Although the entire Robotech family is represented in some fashion these last few years, we leaned pretty heavily into Robotech III.
Notes 3: From the makers of Actionmaster Ravage, it's Actionmaster Rocklords! That would be a great name for a rock band.
Notes 4: Exo Squad *is* part of Robotech. Barely.