Dairycon Exclusives!

Reinforcements from Dairycon!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: BrewMasters - Hook, Line, and Kugel
Function: BrewMaster

Quote: "There's nothing like the Northwoods in the Fall."

An adventurous trio, these three Dairycons stumbled across the planet well before the term "Earth" would leave its mark on Cybertronian history. Wandering the vast North American continent in the 19th Century, they discovered a large Wisconsin logging community. Infatuated with these hardy settlers, they thought it best to supply them with a liquid fuel the locals called "beer". More...

Hook, Line, and Kugel have attempted to stay out of the recent battles on Earth, but were drawn into the Dairycon conflict after their brewery came under attack by Decepticon forces. ("The secrets of those brews shall be mine!" -Megatron) They have even recently begun recording their own radio commercials, using their holographic constructs "Jake, Dick, & John" as the voices.

The BrewMasters are the primary purveyors of fuel for the Dairycons. Whether servicing drunks and half-wits, or powering a full-scale assualt, the BrewMasters excel at their task. When in the presense of the Mini Construction Team, they are able to assemble into a being of Great Power.

Lovers, not Fighters. Even in combined mode, they are often not effective in full-scale combat. Uncle Whiskey Breath has been known to guzzle the BrewMaster's entire storehouse in one sitting. A sufficiently clever 'bot can get lure them into a no-win situation, and they'll fall for it- hook, line, and kugel.