Dairycon Exclusives!

Reinforcements from Dairycon!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Construct-A Convoy
Function: Emperor of Construction

Quote: "Til All Is Won!"

A combination of the BrewMasters and the Mini Construction Team, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY is the combined form of Hook, Line, Kugel, Tipsy, Poser, and WannaBee. As the Brewmasters & Mini Construction Team don't normally see eye-to-eye, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY is rarely seen on the battlefield. However, if the situation is dire enough (or if they are ordered to by High Command); the two teams can put aside their differences and unite into ... you guessed it, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY!

Unlike the older and much larger 6-member gestalt team his chassis is based upon, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY has one mind; he is able to fully access the laser cores and memories of each individual component. Thus, he has a higher combined intelligence than most Dairycons. This keen intellect makes him one of the best 'BUILDERS' in the Dairycon forces. Capable of tremendous feats of intellect; as opposed to his components being able to construct physical things, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY can construct aspects of Time and Reality itself. When appearing on our plane of existence, can knock an enemy combatant right off the battlefield. His laser rifle can easily punch a hole thru several realities, or several meters of concrete.

Although designated a 'Convoy', he is not in possession of a Matrix. Thus, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY is unable to tap into the wisdom of the ancients. As he has rarely seen battle, CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY is not effective in full-scale combat. Since he tends to think all actions through to their possible outcomes before taking any action, the enemies faced by CONSTRUCT-A CONVOY can land more attacks on him than he can to them. CC's construction vehicle modes are more more for symbology than practical use. While not a weakness persay, it does hamper his effectiveness when on the physical plane.

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Notes: Behold, the completed form of Construct-A Convoy! As the ongoing Members-only figure (under the 'Reinforcements from Dairycon' banner), it took DTF'ers 7 years (and the nigh-impossible gathering of Moo-Points) to assemble their figure. Possibly harder to acquire than a complete Stormsword, and definately much rarer (only 10 complete Construct-A Convoys are known to exist), he is nonetheless a great way to pay homage (and make fun of) the entire phenom. If you were one of those lucky enough to assemble this Heroic Dairycon after years of struggle, then congratulations- you have extreme bragging rights.

Gee - I *wonder* what we were making fun of here. :-)