Da Wisconsin Dictionary!

Hey Dere! C'meer once - you gots to read dis a couple-two-tree words on how ta talk like yer from Scansin, hey. It's a humdinger! Sit down witch'er brat an' brewski in yer blaze-orange and, cripes sake, In the spirit of Bart and Vince, take a gander, yahhey?

1. AIN-A-HEY: placed at the end of a profound statement; as in "isn't it?"

2. BART: a Green Bay institution who doesn't need a last name;(see"Vince").

3. BELIEVE-YOU-ME: attached to the beginning or end of a statement,makes it more credible; as in," Really!"

4. BLAZE-ORANGE: what deer hunters and cold-weather Packers fans wear at Lambeau Field. Also a popular color for jail uniforms.

5. BORN IN A BARN?: a sarcastic question which usually means you left the door open or could not correctly differentiate between an alewive and a 'schmelt'.

6. BORROW: used in place of lend,as in, "Could youse borrow me a couple two-tree bucks, yahhey?"

7. BRAT: a sausage; a Wisconsin tail gate favorite; doesn't have anything to do with a spoiled kid.

8. BUBBLER: to the rest of the world outside Wisconsin's borders, it is known as a drinking fountain.

9. BUDGE: to merge without permission; cut in; as in "Don't you budge in line for a brat, I was here first!"

10. BY to; near; as in "Let's go by One Eyed Jack's" or,"She'll come by da house tonight."

11. CHEDDERHEAD: someone from Wisconsin; see,"Cheesehead."

12. CHEESEHEAD: someone from Wisconsin; see, "Cheddarhead."

13. CHEESE CURD: small pieces of fresh cheese that squeak when you bite into them.

14. COMEER ONCE: a request for the presence of another Cheddarhead.

15. COUPLE-TWO-TREE more than one; as in "Delmer and I drank a couple-two-tree beers."

16. CRIPES: a Wisconsin expletive.

17. CRIPES-SAKE: a mild Wisconsin expletive.

18. CRIPES-SAKES-ALMIGHTY: a wild Wisconsin expletive.

19. DA: substitute for words beginning with "TH;" as in, "Da guy over dere in da Bears shirt dere."

20. DAVENPORT: What your mom called 'the sofa'; a couch.

21. FAIR-TA-MIDDLIN: Not bad or great,,just"O.K."

22. FISH FRY: a Friday night dining ritual in Wisconsin.

23. FLEET FARM: A Cheddarhead's answer to Bloomingdales.

24. FROZEN TUNDRA: Lambeau Field.

25. GEEEZ!: Another Wisconsin expletive.

26. GOAHEAD: Proceed; as in, "go ahead and back up your car dere."

27. GOTS: used in place of "have;" as in,"I gots my tickets to watch da Packers play on da FrozenTundra."

28. GOL-DURN: Another Wisconsin expletive.

29. HEY: placed at the beginning or end of phrases for emphasis, as in, "Hey, how 'bout dem Packers?" or "Hows about dem Packers,Hey!"

30. HOWS-BY-YOU?: a greeting; the same as,"How's everything?"

31. HUMDINGER: a beauty;as in "dat croppy youse caught up-nort is a real humdinger."

32. JOHN DEERE: a Cheddarhead's other vehicle.

33. LEAKER: (n) One who lacks the mental or physical stamina to continue partying.

34. M'WAKEE: Wisconsin's largest city; located just down the lake fromT'rivers and Man'twoc.

35. N-SO?: a word inserted at the end of a statement; (sometimes pronounced as AIN-SO), used as a substitute for "isn't that right?" or "Correct?"

36. OH,YAH: Depending on emphasis, it's either used as acknowledgment (as "That's correct")or skepticism (That's bull!).

37. PERT-NEER: (sometimes pronounced "PRET-NEAR": in close Proximity; just about.

38. POLKA: the national dance of Wisconsin.

39. RUBBERS: protection for your shoes; also known as"G'loshes."

40. SCANSIN: the state where Cheeseheads are from.

41. SCHMEAR a card game;also a term used when someone gets beat in a game of Sheepshead.

42. SHEEPSHEAD: another card game.

43. SIDE-BY-EACH: used instead of "next to each other."

44. SKEETER: Wisconsin's state bird.

45. START WIT ME LAST: to forfeit your turn.

46. STOP-AND-GO LIGHTS: what everyone else refers to as traffic Signals.

47. UFF-DAH: (from the untranslatable Norwegian phrase) meaning varies with severity of incident-from "Oops" to "Criminey" to words following "Oh-!" often said when you make a really big "boo-boo" and are in'deep doggy-doo'.

48. UN-THAW: to defrost or thaw.

49. WHERE-ABOUTS: locality; proximity; as in, "where-abouts are youse-guys from?"

50. UP NORT: where Wisconsinites go on vacation.

51. UP-SIDE-RIGHT: rightside up.

52. VINCE: the other Green Bay icon who doesn't need a last name for instant recognition; (see "Bart").Recently"Brett" and"Reggie" were also added to this category, "Mark" is is currently there, but will be leaving for six to ten years ....refer also to wearing 'blaze orange' in Mark's case.

53. WIH-SKON'-TSUN: the way you can tell the speaker is not a real Wisconsinite.

54. YAH-HEY: affirmative, but can be added reinforce a request.

55. YAH-SURE-YOU-BETCHA: yes, you are correct.

56. YOU-BETCHA: affirmative, as in "Yah-hey."

57. YOUSE: (var."Yoose") pronoun, second person plural.

58. YOOPER: someone from even further up-nort' than you.

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