Pictures from DairyCon 2005

Bickmore makes an appearance

There's chromewear on this accessory!

Dan sets up his TF Unreal Tournament game

Frank dons his cowsuit for fun and games

Dealer setup begins in earnest

People coming together in harmony

Nop, you can't come in early.

What did I just tell you about coming in early!!

Looking svelt and looking for deals

I called this picture a shot of the hallway

Close-up of the contenders for Jumpstarter Rally Races 1.0

Second youngest Transfan in attendence

Matt setting up

Northern is fashionably late again

Sorry, MyLittlePonyCon is down the hall....

Cures all kinds of ailments!

Trade in progress

Botcon World Tour?! Hey, waitaminute...

Will the owner of the Gold Prize Rodimus please stand up?

The stars of the show