More On Moo-Points!

"Clip and Save!"

So what's the deal with Moo-points anyways?

Moo-Points are acquired by attending various Dairycon functions and get-togethers, such as Dairycon Dinners, Tours, and the various Dairycon Breakfasts that are held at different times of the year (apart from the yearly convention). Nominally considered to be a 'Members-only' offering, you can *also* acquire Moo-Points by winning various Dairycon Exclusive figures, as well as certain Events at the show.

Every year, there will be a booth at the show where you can turn in the moo-points you've collected for a chance to win one of the REINFORCEMENTS FROM DAIRYCON figures! Running concurrent with the regular Raffles at the show, this is a special event that will run for the next several years!

So Save your Moo-Points, and Win!