The Myth Behind the Moo: Steers

The Untold Stories of the Reinforcements from Dairycon!

Part Four

The Past.

Deep Space.

Heffer didn't understand it.

The Leader was his friend. And Heffer always listened to his friend. But why he wanted Heffer to look for a big shiny pebble, Heffer didn't understand. "All part of the greater plan," the Leader would say, and Heffer accepted it of-course. Heffer wasn't much for thinkin'. Still, it seemed like a waste of Heffer's time to dig around here. This place was almost as bad as Clutterbug's room...

However, as in most things, Primus favors fools, protoforms, and Dairycons named Heffer. Kicking aside the pile of cylinders, Heffer chanced upon a large shiny ovoid. Imprinted with an unfamiliar symbol, Heffer paused; he'd found the big shiny, but what was Heffer supposed to do with it?

Heffer need not have been concerned. Upon his jostling, the protoform cylinder activated. Sensors were scrambled a bit in the crash, however; the unit locked onto a number of Junkions enjoying old Singing Spaghetti Westerns in the distance before scanning Heffer.

The cylinder booped and bleeped, and chugged, making a terrible racket!

Then, silence.

A hissing sound emanated from the pod as a seam formed on the side. Pressure seals popped as hald of the cylinder raised on pneumatic hinges. The fog and steam obscured the figure that rapidly jumped out of the pod. Hitting ground in a three-point stance, the smoke cleared. Before Heffer stood a being not unlike himself.


Startled, Heffer jumped back, assuming a combat stane. Of this new being, he enquired:


"Don't apologize- it's a sign of weakness, Pilgrim."



The Leader always planned ahead.

Traveling the Timestream, he knew there would come a time when he could no longer be directly involved with Events; a brief moment when he would have to make a choice.

He already knew his choice, and the consequences of it.

There would be plenty of moments before that, however, and he intended to ensure things would work out.

Encoding information on the tape, he ejected it from the console. The time the Dairycons spent looking for something to play it on would ensure sufficient time for his other plans to come to fruition.

He'd asign a team from Cybertron to ferry the tape. Someone he could take it from if he determined that would be the best way.

Another console beeped; Heffer had found the Protoform, and it had scanned successfully.

Excellent. One more to add to the ranks of the Reinforcements.

He'd need to prep him, and place him far-enough back in the past, to protect the others until it was time. Off-planet, even.

The Leader activated his portal. Once he collected Steers and returned Heffer to the Dairycons, he'd have to see about reversing Hook's interference. Nice as it would be to have his Gestault form in the future, he couldn't very well tolerate the elimination of the Axelon and its crew in the past to manage it.

Steps would have to be taken. It would destabilize the sparks of the other members of his Team, but he saw no other way to accomplish it.

The Leader disappeared into the Rift.

To Be Continued!

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