Dairycon 2010!

Battle for Brew City's Uncle Whiskey Breath!

Read the exciting saga here!

Notes: Uncle Whiskey Breath, the very first Dairycon Exclusive (see 2001) has been reissued for the 10th Anniversary! Referred to by insiders as a 'Pasteurized', or 'Dairycon Classics Reissue', Uncle comes with a number of the same accessories he was issued with years ago, as well as a few new surprises.

In the picture above, you will note the stylish brown packaging in-homage to the original. Inside that package are a number of items specific to Uncle whiskey Breath. We'll highlight the first of them here:

Improvements in the CLOAK OF COW now allow Uncle Whiskey Breath to alternate between many different modes, including the infamous 'Daniel Boone cap' mode!

Some of the other accessories in the bag include the following:

There's even more in the bag! But you'll have to come to the show to find out!!!

This item is part of the 'Battle for Brew City' assortment, and is one of the Regular Raffle items for the 2010 Show.