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A Few Simple Rules...

1) The hotel policy states that no food or drink be brought in to the convention. This no longer matters, because we're 6 minutes away at the Cow Palace. :-) There are places to eat across the street from the fairgrounds. There is a food truck that arrives late morning and stays past noon. There's no longer a built-in lunch break for Dealers and Staff. Eat anytime you like. We're open for business!

2) You need to be Pre-registered to receive any of the Exclusives. The charge is 10 dollars for PreReg, 12 at the door. Children under 10 are Free. As we anticipate high demand, and being sold out prior to the show, Walk-ins will not typically be eligible to purchase any of the add-ons (T-shirts, Exclusives, etc.) However, should we find ourselves with extra material by late morning, it will be offered to attendees on a first-come first-serve basis.

3) Under 18 to be accompanied by an adult. A Separate Form is required for all Attendees.

4) To those of you who have generously donated over the years to help cover the vastly increased cost of the show, and who continue to do so, we give you our heartfelt thanks. Fred did not go down quietly. It took all of us to get him to finally agree to charge people a little bit this year. He would have kept giving it away. We suspect he still might. He's been smirking at the meetings again. Oh God, what does he have planned now...?

5) Come to the first booth on the right and present your driver's license or state ID. Attendance is required to pick up your Dairycon exclusives. We do not offer the option for you to pick up your friends' package, nor do we offer a 'non-attendee' package at this time. The point is to show up and have fun!

6) Pre-registrants for Dairycon will have: sent in a pre-reg form and received in-reply both a confirmation of registration(auto-generated by the website indicating success) and an email confirmation packet (within 2 weeks of registration closing and the date of the show.) You must be over the age of 18, and in possession of a driver's license, or state ID in order to attend the show, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also registered for the show. Remember to bring your confirmation number with you!

7) Why you may be billed thru Paypal: Previously, some folks have registered, ordered products or merchandise, and then failed to show (or even tell us they were canceling). It's always a shame when a few 'cowpies' slip thru the fence. So- if you've 'been naughty' in the past, you will be placed on 'the list' (ie, blocked from attending the show.) We may also issue a Paypal invoice for any unsold Dairycon materials in your name. We trust you understand.

As in previous years, all the *other* information you need to know will be sent to you in your confirmation mailing(sent out when pre-reg closes in March). The above-listed info should be enough to get you started.

We strive to give you the best possible experience for the absolute lowest price ('free' seems to be a pretty good price, eh folks?). We think that our commitment to this shows!

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