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Dairycon Events

Hey! It's great that you're reading this page, but it was only valid for the first 10 years of Dairycon! :-) The new page of this can be found here!

A Detailed Explanation of Activities

Dairycon isn't to be confused with the 'big' conventions. We're just a little group of friends that like to get together once a year to hang out, and talk about our favorite thing: Transformers. Since our little group of friends gets bigger every year, we book ourselves a hotel room and meet there. We seem to have a lot of friends :-) It's with that in-mind that we bring you a more detailed explanation of some of the events that take place at the Dairycon.

Note all the new activities for 2010!! Costume Contest, Dairycon Idol, and More! Plus, exciting updates to your favorite activities! Assemble Your Own Transformer Contest: The tools, and the Transformer are provided by Dairycon staff. The announcement is made during the show. Those who signed up line up at the event table (center of the room) and are given a paper sack full of 'mystery parts.' Don't look! When everyone is ready, the announcer shouts, 'Go!' The fastest one to open the sack and assemble their Transformer wins. The winner gets Dairycon exclusves and prizes (or sometimes whatever we have lying around in the cupboards). Once finished, Staff will collect all the tools and mystery parts (because no, you can't take them with you :-)

The Jumpstarter Races: A true classic event for Dairycon. Jumpstarters are provided. Those who signed up in the pre-reg form are called in small groups to race in 'heats'at the event table. The jumpstarter is transformed to vehicle mode, pulled back to the stop line, and held. When the host yells, 'Go!', you release your jumpstarter. No pushing! The one that travels farthest, transforms, and stays standing, is the winner! The winner of each heat will go on to race in the finals, where the overall winner is declared, and given the prize! (editor's note: unlike in previous years, where there was a signup sheet at the show, you will be signing up on the PreReg form. Please specify on the form who will be racing if there are multiple people on the form.)

Dairycon art contest: Fan voting: the way art contests were meant to be! No hasbro reps here, just your fellow transfans. 2-d, 3-d, whatever! Bring your kitbashes, or your drawings, and display them! Everyone gets a secret ballot in their pre-reg packet. The highest number of votes for an item wins! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes each recieve their yearly cool 'Prize Box', a collection of items donated by your fellow fans. There's always some amazing stuff in the box, so be sure to enter!

Dairycon costume contest: Mooo! Wear your costume to Dairycon. Ballots will be in your pre-reg packet. Vote early, because the winner will be announced early in the show! Best costume wins prizes and a Dairycon Exclusive!

The Raffle: Every pre-reg packet recieves a raffle ticket. Prizes are drawn for all day long, till the end of the show, when we do a big draw for the big prize: a complete set of Dairycon Exclusives! Other events during the day allow you to win more raffle tickets, thereby increasing your chances to win!

Name That Transformer Contest: "I'm thinking of a Transformer...." That's how it starts, and that's how you win! Name the Transformer the host is thinking of by asking a series of questions in order to narrow down the choices. A sample game will be played in order to demonstrate how it works. Many people play, and many people win! The crowd forms up at the event table and calls out their answers. The winner is the one who guesses the name of the Transformer. 20 questions can be asked.... who will win?!

Tour of Fabulous Fond du Lac!: A yearly tour of a 'famous' spot in our local convention town. 2009 took us to the J Baldorf Auto Museum. 2010 takes us to the Kris Kringle shop! Located at 1330 South Main Street in Fond du Lac, this year is a self-guided tour will leave from the lobby of the Ramada at 4pm. The shop is a straignt-line down main street (south), you can't miss it! Every day is Christmas Day at the Kris Kringle shop! Tours will be conducted the day prior to Dairycon, in the afternoons. Tours will end about an hour before early dealer setup begins. An image of the Shoppe can be found here:

Dairycon Gaming Session: The night before Dairycon officially begins, you'll have a chance to participate in a tf-gaming session. Something to do before you drift off to sleep.

Dairycon Script Reading: New this year! Have a chance to read aloud a script with your favorite Dairycon Organisers! Friday night, appear before the Dairycon Idol panel and give us your best voice. Winners will have a chance to read an exclusive script on Saturday!

Special Guest Presentation: It's a surprise :-) Yearly presentations regarding some particular facet of Transformers. 2 Years Ago, Alec gave us a presentation on prototypes. Last Year, it was a DisOrganiser's Panel. Who will it be this year? Come to the show to find out! (ok, confidentially, between you and us, it's a script reading. shhhh!)

The Big Prize Wheel: It's always a surprise :-) You'll have to be there to play. Blue Ticket gets you a chance to spin the Big Wheel. Spin to win Dairycon Prizes!

A Detailed Explanation of Items

It's never been mentioned anywhere else, and people have asked... so we thought we'd say something here :-) As always, PreReg is free, and there's always a trinket included for your trouble. There are also Raffles and Giveaways during the day, which is where a number of our items show up. In-addition, there are a few items that we ask for donations on, in order to offset the costs of the show (As a very wise man once said, we are a pro-deficit organisation:-) So here is an explanation of the Items of Dairycon:

PreReg item: Typically a small mass-produced toy of 100 or more, that we ask a $10 donation for, featuring a character in that year's Dairycon Universe story.

PreReg Tidbit: this is free just for showing up, and typically consists of exclusive toys, Acc Packs, or exclusive artwork included with your free Program Guide, as well as other assorted pack-ins.

Regular Raffle Item: This typically consists of a medium-sized item, with a short run of 40 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction.

Limited Raffle Item: This typically consists of a medium-sized item, with a short run of 20 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction.

LuckyDraw Raffle Item: This typically consists of a Large item, with a short run of 10 or less, that can be acquired only by winning the Raffle or Auction.

The Big Raffle: At the end of the Show, you have a chance to win an entire set of that year's Dairycon Exclusive items

The Auction: At the end of the Show, you have a chance to win an entire set of that year's Dairycon Exclusive items, assuming you didn't just win the Big Raffle :-)

The Acc Packs: Special or humorous 'power-up' items that Dairycons need to win. These are typically recieved as Tidbits and Prizewheel items.

Dairycon: 10 Years(hardcover): A chronicle of Dairycon from its beginnings to today. Includes the complete Dairycon Universe, exclusive art, behind-the-scenes look, fan memories, and more!

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