Dairycon 2016 Exclusives!

'Dairycon Dissembled' Assortment!

Read about these exciting characters in Shattered! The Dairycon Moo-niverse!

Allegiance: Estrela
Name: Knight Beat (Robot); Captain Roberto (Human Avatar)
Function: Human Robot Relations

Quote: "I really *am* More than Meets the Eye!"

Stationed in Rio as an adjunct to the Brazilian Federal Highway Police. As a fellow 'Tranny', Knight Beat has fully embraced (and possibly misunderstood) the local culture. Enjoys the 24/7 party life. Often claims that as a Trannyformer, he's actually a car disguised as a robot; he will argue the difference publically and loudly when overfueled. Secretly a member of the Elite Squad. Hates that he was one of the first 'bots called when Roadkill disappeared from the dig site. Discovering that Roadkill had left the Rainforest and fled to the Dairyland with none other than The Malignus artifact, Knight Beat pursued her. Knowing The Malignus could spell doom for the entire world, Knight Beat must stop Roadkill and recover the artifact at all costs!

Knight Beat is Very proud of his Tranny. His transmission allows him to shift very quickly. His powerplant is paired perfectly with his tranny, allowing him unprecedented smoothness in shifting and acceleration. His Tranny converts to a double switchblade that cuts both ways, making it very effective in battle. On his off days, he battles BatMoo in Multiworld of Borecraft, usually beating him at the game (thus earning him his current knickname.) A no-nonsense type when gaming, though he has been known to break the rules to win.

"Released to international acclaim, 'MultiWorld of BoreCraft' (created by Ethan Zachary of Alternate Reality) entertains humans and Cybertronians alike. With hundreds of characters to choose from, the galaxy's most popular subscription-based multiplayer online role-playing game is at your fingertips! Join the epic conflict. Play as human, meta-human, or shape-changing robot. Create your own character, or play one of our popular preloads, such as NeoKnight, or Optimus Prime! Join today!"

Trying to support Tranny rights has angered the very people he wishes to engender himself to. As Transformers do not have genders, the confusion about conversion from one to the other for him only continues.

In Package

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Roadkill (Robot); Susan Hoffman (Human Avatar)
Function: Archaeologist / Peruvian Flute Band Player

Quote: "This place smells of Decepticon evil to me, chief. I feel it in my rivets so strongly!"

During an archaeological investigation in Peru, Roadkill discovered evidence of a great Pandemic about to befall the world. Knowing only the Dairycons could help, she made the ardous trek from Central America to Wisconsin, precious artifacts in-tow. For you see, she has to warn Uncle Whiskey Breath and the others of the evil that is coming- She has to warn them to Beware the Red Cow!

Information is her greatest ability. Roadkill travels around the world, looking for fragments of ancient Dairycon artifacts, many of which have interesting tidbits of lore attached to them. Her knowledge helped unlock the secrets of Construct a Convoy. Sturdy exterior hides the gentle soul inside. Spends time practicing her pan flute, and hoping for the day that her true love finds her. She is waiting.

Although larger than most Dairycons, she is constructed of inferior materials. As-such, Roadkill is prone to more frequent breakdowns than the others. Tired of being drawn into the Transformers conflict. Her only desire is to run away with Uncle Whiskey Breath. She would sacrifice anything for their love: goat, chicken, whatever.

Vehicle Mode | In Package | Link to Maz Peru article (courtesy of Freds Workshop's Super Mega Minibot Rampage!)

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Actually Brawn
Function:Anniversary Warrior

Quote: "Might over Microchips."

Christopher Columbus didn't discover America. Paul Revere didnt ride. And Brawn didn't die. In proper revisionist history, Brawn shrugged off the attack, and brought the hurt back to the Decepticons. Taking out the attackers (many with a single punch), the Autobots were able to land the shuttle safely in Autobot city. The world was saved. And nobody had to die.

Brawn is the second strongest DAIRYCON. He's able to punch through a solid wall with a single hit. His enhanced and upgraded frame allows him unprecedented durability.


In Package | Robot Mode

Notes 1: Have you noticed that the Decepticons do more to support certain rights than any other faction? There are very ambiguous 'characters' in leadership positions, a rainbow of color choices... to say nothing of the various toys in high heels... The many reasons the name is funny: We already did Minerva. Knight Beat had to be next. If you recall, back in the day, Minverva was recolored, reGENDERED, and renamed Nightbeat for the american market. We're happy to finally finish the joke. They've stolen our names before. Seemed proper we'd parody theirs. We use the Knight parody (Neo Knight) for stuff. You'll also notice it's a Knight Rider car. He's the proper Batman blue (the dark Night.) AND - you don't get anymore. Figure the rest out yourself ;-) KnightBeat is the top-secret 2016 staff-only exclusive. It's not ready to come out to the public yet. As (a certain big toy company might say), "We're getting our pucking fatent lawyers onto you, you ameless shassholes!"

Notes 3: We don't care how fan wanky it is. Brawn wouldn't have died from shoulder shot. He'd have Shrugged It Off, punched out Starscream, and taken Megatron's Cannon, gleefully shouting, "I've got a new toy!" And now we do, too. Celebrating 30 years of the movie that should have been - the one without the death of Brawn. Cheers. ACTUALLY BRAWN is the 2016 Dairycon Lucky Draw Exclusive.