Dairycon 2013 Exclusives!

The 'Welcome Back!' Assortment: Nemesis Heffer, PU-R2, and BatMoo!

Read about these exciting characters in Shattered: The Dairycon Moo-niverse and Battle for Brew City!

Allegiance: Shattered Moo-niverse
Name: Nemesis Heffer
Function: Evil Counterpart

Quote: Tarnation! This is some Ruff Stuff right here!"

When Dairycon shattered into the Moo-niverse, this doppleganger of evil crossed over. Different from HEFFER in nearly every possible way, he has been sent by the Dark Master to gather artifacts of incredible power and destroy the Dairycons in the process.

Incredibly smart, talkative, and powered by the Dark Energies, NEMESIS HEFFER utilizes Heff-mounted weapons to deliver a powerful attack. With COMBAT HERO and RECYKLILL, commands a drone army of thousands. Uses the dark energy to corrupt others to his master's cause. Unlike other ground-based altmode Dairycons, Nemesis Heffer has the ability to fly.

Cannot spend much time in the Dairycon Classicverse without succumbing to the Light. Would be rendered powerless if HEFFER can gather the artifacts and defeat him in-time. His attempt to disguise himself as a popular Micromaster will likely backfire.

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Heffer's Hammer (Alt Mode) | Heffer's Hammer (Robot Mode)

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Allegiance: Heroic Dairycon
Name: BatMoo
Function:Heffer's Avatar

Quote: "Beware the Red Cow!"

Blackrock's alter-ego as the vigilante NeoKnight had run it's course. Hanging up his cape and cowl, Blackrock proceeded to reveal his identity, register the copyright, and make millions on the gaming license.

"Released to international acclaim, 'MultiWorld of BoreCraft' (created by Ethan Zachary of Alternate Reality) entertains humans and Cybertronians alike. With hundreds of characters to choose from, the galaxy's most popular subscription-based multiplayer online role-playing game is at your fingertips! Join the epic conflict. Play as human, meta-human, or shape-changing robot. Create your own character, or play one of our popular preloads, such as NeoKnight, or Optimus Prime! Join today!"

Not since the release of the popular search engine 'Moogle' has something so enthralled the Dairycons. It is rumored that Heffer has already spent weeks playing the online game with his customizable character, 'BatMoo'. He's been stuck on 'Battle for Brew-City' the entire time. No-one has seen fit to give him the cheat codes.

NeoKnight is in typical condition for a human of his age with no superpowers who has a lot of money to afford fancy gadgets :-) As a venture capitalist and former captain of industry, BlackRock has a lot of tech at his disposal. It helps that he's been stealing it from the Transformers for years.

Keeping the armored cape and cowl hidden on a cowbell-shaped keychain in his pocket, Blackrock ensures that no-one else can steal his costume by locking the activation code with a voice command:

"In loudest din or hush profound,
My ears catch evil's slightest sound.
Let those who toll out evil's Spell,
Beware the sound of my Mighty Cow Bell!"

Kinda hard to turn his head in that armored cowl. A bright white suit with cheese spots blends well only in Wisconsin. The popularity of the online game has had the opposite effect that Blackrock intended; instead of running away in fear, people make fun of him, calling him such names as The Queso Cowboy, The Nacho Avenger, Limburger Lantern, Provolone Punisher, The Amazing Gouda-Man, Iron-Brie, The Incredible Havarti, Black Munster, Captain American, and Thor God of Asiago.

Let's face it. A billionare playboy who dresses up to fight crime? There's something wrong with this guy.

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"One of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Here..."

Allegiance: Cheesehead Garrison
Name: PewtaR-2D2 ('pewtartoo')
Function:Royal Astromech Sewing Droid

Quote: "Beep. Seriously? That's how I talk? Beep?"

A Royal Sewing Astromech in the Queens service. Responsible for hemming and adjusting of various complicated dresses. One of the earliest models in the series; has served faithfully the Royal Family of Naboo for many years. Along with his counterpart, Sew-3P0, Pewtartoo was instrumental in getting the Queen's gown ready for the Royal ball.

Sewing skills are required for much of PUR2's work, but design, fabrication and even metal casting can come into play. Known best for dressmaking, gown design, handbag making and mending of zippers. PU-R2 can also work with highly specialized garments, such as bulletproof vests.

Sometimes his bobbin jams, rendering him inert for hours.

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Nemesis Heffer - Gosh, Everyone Else was Doing It. :-) If you haven't 'got' our humor by now, there's no hope for you. The original version of Nemesis Heffer had the colors switched (ie, Heffer was white with black spots; Nemesis Heffer was black with white spots.) Since it would have taken too-long to explain that... :-) He should consider himself lucky. At least he isn't colored like BatMoo. Nemesis Heffer was the Raffle Exclusive for Dairycon 2013. Nemesis Heffer was the Raffle Exclusive for Dairycon 2013.

PewtaR-2D2 - Nominally the Cheesehead Garrison exclusive (along with the Aluminum Falcon accessory), those plucky Star Wars fiends will finally be able to fill the hole in their collection with this beauty. Only a R-series would have been brave enough to save the Queen....s wardrobe.

BatMoo - I trust this is sufficiently funny to people without the explanation. :-) Since we did NeoKnight's civilian identity last year, it made sense to reveal his secret identity now. And here it is! Isn't it fun to have DC characters used as the basis for something Marvel? Why, I bet the idea just might catch on...

Did you know that Blackrock's cowbell-shaped keychain also functions as a 'Knight Light'? He keeps it on his utility bell... :-)