Dairycon Accessory Packs!

This section details the seven years (and counting!) we offered Acc Packs (fun or humorous 'Power Up' items that Dairycon characters need in order to win their Battles). Typically, these items were given away free just for showing up, as member's-only exclusives, and as prizes for the now-infamous Prize Wheel (spin to win Dairycon Prizes!)

I thought these items were absolutely wonderful. Some tied in to specific characters (such as MexiCon's Taco of Leadership), some were fun hints to the theme of the show (More CowBell, anyone?) while others made sense only to the organisers of the show. Either way you slice it...

Most of these items did feature prominently in the Dairycon Universe storyline.

Technically speaking, Ducky was the first 'Acc' offered at Dairycon, but seeing as how he's taken on a life of his own, it seems only appropriate to consider him an actual character... yeeessss...

If I actually have to *explain* the joke between these and the energon bits/robotmasters/lunchables/etc, I'll cry.

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Dairycon 2007 Leader Class Acc Packs:

Pepper of Purpose | Flag of our Fathers | Sombrero of Siesta | Taco of Leadership | Disk of Montesuma

Dairycon 2008 Hero Class Acc Packs:

Snowflake of Solidarity | Wedge of Triumph | Shard of Primus | Utensils of Unity

Dairycon 2009 Moo Class Acc Packs:

More CowBell 1 | More CowBell 2 | More CowBell 3 | Roll of Conviction

Wrench in the Works | Even More CowBell | Plunger of Purity

Note: Toiletbot could be equipped with the accessories listed above.

Dairycon 2010 Commander Class Acc Packs:

Cloak of Cow | Wedge of Doom | Got Energon? | Lasso of Liberty (aka 'Optimus Twine') | Optimus Grime | Hat of Heroism

Optimus Rhyme | Optimus Dime | Repair Bear | Stormsword Jet (Red) | Stormsword Jet (Blue) | Optimus Guide



DAIRYCON 2010 THE BIG ONE Acc Assortment

Note: Pretender Convoy, Ticker, and Uncle Whiskey Breath could be equipped with the accs listed above.

Dairycon 2011 No Class Acc Packs:

Staff Exclusive Cybertonium | Dinner Exclusive Mint in Package

Note: Cybertonium was needed to transform the 2011 ActionMaster Ravage. Mint in Package will be needed to soothe the hate.

Dairycon 2012 Beyond Gouda Class Acc Packs:

Schrapnel | Gears | Future Sparks | Cowpie of Courage | Devas-taters' Balls | Petro-Rabbits

'Name that Wookie' Contest Exclusive Giveaway:

It's a Tarp!


Dairycon 2013 Beyond Evil Class Acc Packs:

Aluminum Falcon! - What the Hell is an Aluminum Falcon? Find out here: YouTube!

Heffer's Hammer! - Stolen by Nemesis Heffer, can our Hero recover the other artifacts in time?

Puzzle-R! - Known as Puzzle Piece Type R. Collect all the pieces to form Super Puzzle-R!

(Heffer's Hammer came packaged with Raffle Exclusive Nemesis Heffer. Aluminum Falcon was available with PewtaR-2D2 to Cheesehead Garrison Members. Puzzle-R was packaged with PreReg Exclusive ReCyKill. My Little Ass-09 was hard won at the gaming tables.)

Maybe I'm the only one who finds it funny that we have Scoot, ReCyKill, and Puzzle-R. :-)

Aluminum Falcon | Heffer's Hammer | My Little Ass-09 | Puzzle-R

Dairycon 2014 Age of Distinction Acc Packs:

The Target Moo-sters - Introducing, from the far corners of space, the newest species of Dairycons!

Target Moo-ster | Dairybot | Dairycon

Optimus Fry - He's more than meets the fry, he's a potato in disguise!

  Brave Ball - Sunbeam's Ultimate weapon from another TF-themed universe! (The New Brave Ball. The Original Brave Ball)

Vector Sigma Disco Ball - For a far out time getting funky in the crib tonight!

  Heffer's Herd - Heffer's own personal fan base!

IDW - Improvised Defense Weapon - Little known relic from a lost chapter of The Great War! More...

  Optimus Sign - Pointing the way to victory!

Brick Cheese - Close cousin of the fabled Wedge of Doom, it's full powers are not yet known! Rumored to disassemble and deactivate any Target Moo-ster with a touch!

  Ultra Magnet - He's more than meets the eye! He's a magnet in disguise! Ultra Magnus, after millions of years playing second fiddle as Optimus Prime's repaint, has chosen an all new alternate mode. Now considered the most attractive of the Autobots, Ultra Magnet has joined the Dairycons!

Optimus Wine - The final vintage from the legendary Energon Vineyard of the Primes.

Tauntan Scent & Wookie Scent

Ladies, introducing, from Chanel of Alderaan, the latest in Men's cologne for your favorite Star Wars fan:

"I thought they smelled bad on the outside." - For the rugged men who keep you warm on cold Hoth nights.

"That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose." - For the daring scoundrels who sweep you off your feet.

Chanel of Alderaan, free samples available at Dairycon 2014.


Dairycon 2015 Acc Packs:

Make Anyone PicKup (Details)

Make Anyone Sideswipe (Details)

Redux (Details)

Bad Parts Convention Toy Repair Kit (Details)

Dairycon 2016 Acc Packs:

Action Head (Details)

Dairycon 2017 Acc Packs:

April (Details)

Cane of Courage (Details)

Foot (Details)

Hand (Details)

Nemesis with Flight Pack (Details)

Dairycon 2018 Acc Packs:

Pirate Chest, Pirate Coin, Pirate Flag, Pirate Map (Flat & Folded), and Pirate Sword

Pirate Crown

Skeleton Crew

For those who follow the IDW comic, you know that a couple of The Seekers were killed, reverse engineered and made into sparkless drones for the EDC among others. A number of these things have found their way to other parts of the Universe, where they're used for a variety of purposes, mostly crewing ships and low level guard duty.

Dairycon 2019 Acc Packs:

Skull Cruncher

Dairycon 2022 Acc Packs: Meet the ConCons!

Ducky: Foul mouth! The affected bot's language center becomes so insulting, the other bots would rather retreat than continue to listen to the garbage being said.

Cherry: Gives any given bot laser eyes. But, the cherry attaches itself to the users arm. And the power up ends when something pops the cherry.

Grape: Rage strength! "Do not make fun of me for liking the cheapest flavor!!!!" Turns animal-based Transformers into Grape Ape, regardless of mode.

Rubber Chicken: Slapstick! User becomes the funniest 'bot this side of Iacon. Useful as a distraction. Enemies doubled over with laughter, so you can make your escape.

Pineapple: Nullification! Cancels most power-ups, but leaves acid damage when used.

Gravestone: Necromancy! Allows you to raise a sparkless army to defend you. Attack enemies with your robot zombies!

TeddyBear: Love! Flips the Allegiance of one enemy and brings them to your side. Nullify with Pineapple.

Hamburger: Speed! Consume this goody and you will become a Blurr to your enemy. Unable to be used by 'bots with a faceplate.

Sandwich: Pax Cybertonia! Instantly resolves differences and makes peace with the enemy. Sacrifices user's life to activate. They'll make a statue in your honor.

Dairycon 2023 Acc Packs:

Random Axe of Kindness:

Staff Exclusive:

Raw Energy Crystals:

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