Dairycon 2009 Exclusives!

Ass-09, Pretender MotorMaster, ToiletBot, and DiskPrime!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Pretender MotorMaster
Function: Harbinger of the Apoclypse

Quote: "Crush Everyone!"

A crushing terror that destroys all in his path, Pretender Motormaster is the ultimate Dairycon warrior - or in theory at least, should be. For underneath his thick-plated hide is a mind wracked by incomprehensible rage. Having finally echewed the need for his former Stunticon underlings, Motormaster was promoted to second in command of the Decepticon forces by MegaZarak. A chance encounter with The Last Dairycon brought him to an alternate universe, where he was almost destroyed. Only the chance intervention of his universe's matrix and a discarded pretender shell saved him. A warrior reborn, he seeks nothing more than the destruction of the Last Dairycon, and a return to his own universe. Of course, if he has to destroy the rest of the Transformers Universe first, so be it.

Pretender Motormaster has tremendous strength - he can punch with a force of 140 tons. His armor is nearly impervious to even the most powerful artillery. He uses his infamous cyclone gun to blow through most barriers and the power of his universes 'dark matrix' to crumble whatever's left.

Motormaster's inexplicable psychosis is a severe handicap to his successful operation. Though immensely powerful, he can be defeated with enough time and effort. Inner robot, while more powerful than his previous combiner form, is more delicate then the shell and thus suseptible to damage.

Outer Shell | Inner Robot(bot) | Inner Robot (Vehicle) | boxed | back of box | HeloMoto

Notes: Would you believe that Pretender MotorMaster is the natural evolution of Ballerina Motormaster?

Admit it. This is the coolest thing ever. :-) Obviously, 'Motormaster' and 'Decepticon' belong to Hasbro, etc, this is merely for parody purposes, etc, etc. Pretender MotorMaster was the Limited Raffle Exclusive only available at Dairycon 2009. Only 10 were made available at the convention. If you think this is great, you should read the Pretender saga, where it's revealed that.... oh, but I've already said too-much. ;-)

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: ToiletBot
Function: Warrior

Quote: "A Clean Toilet is the Right of All Sentient Beings."

Toiletbot is without a doubt the epicenter of the entire Dairycon Universe. Unaware of his origins, the unit designated TB-1, near stasis-lock, scanned the only object in his immediate vicinity: a dirty, broken gas station toilet. His sparkcore did the rest, providing him with his classic Toiletbot warrior form. Undeniably noble, and instilled with a roll of convictions, he inspires Dairycons with glorious tales of Cybertron's past. His own past, however, is shrouded in mystery...

Twin toilet-water cannons in chest are accessible to him in his three modes: robot, toilet, and flying jet-toilet. Can launch incendiary paper rolls from his gun in robot mode. Lower torso equipped with titanium drill-turd missles. Can combine his weapons for dramatic effect.

The inability to comprehend his own origins is the source of a chronic processing glitch in his toilet-core. Porcelin bowl torso, being the weakest part of his body, can shatter if hit correctly. Leaks unknown fluids when handle is jiggled.

Accessories | Accessories Combined | Holding Accessories

Secret Weapon | Secret Accessory | Weapon Storage

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Robot Mode | Kammode | The Toilet Bot Dance!

Shhh! | Secret Signs | Flush! | Secret Files

Notes: This is the 10th anniversary of Toiletbot. First created in 1999, he is arguably the entire reason the rest of the Dairycons (and the Dairycon Convention) exist. They've all, in one way or another, evolved from this very simple premise:

Transformers are Crap.

If Ass-09 didn't beat the point home, then I expect the appearance of ToiletBot will completely...sorry, but I'm flush out of puns.

Toiletbot was an extremely Limited LuckyDraw Exclusive for 2009. Only 6 of the Classic Toiletbot were produced for the Dairycon Convention.

History of Toiletbot | Story of the One True ToiletBot

Super Extremely Limited Gold LuckyDraw Toiletbot Prize

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Assinine (Ass-09)
Function: Donkey of the Apocalypse

Quote: "My fellow Cybertronians..."

He's a liberal tree-hugging hippie donkey. So liberal that he gives BEACHCOMBER the creeps. Believes that the Decepticons aren't evil, just misunderstood. Believes that all vehicle alt-mode Transformers should be forced to take on Beast modes to keep from emitting greenhouse gasses.

Like all the Automated Security Sentries, A.S.S.-09 comes equipped with a stunwhip, which renders enemies unconscious without permanently damaging them. Handle of whip employs a crude spark-extraction device. Armored body in beastmode able to withstand most heavy artillary assaults; hooves can kick a hole thru solid steel or even knock a larger Transformer off his wheels.

Philosophical differences with other Dairycons often cause Ass-09 to be left behind during missions. He has a distinct lack of offensive weaponry in either mode. His refusal to use his abilities often cost him considerably. Constant speeches about protecting the environment have actually caused some Autobots to switch sides in the conflict. Some sense that, despite his bright and cheery demeanor, there lurks a darkness deep inside...

Envious Green Edition | Compared to Past PreReg Exclusives | The Secret Six Versions | MultiCon

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: AfterDeath Prime
Function: Game

Quote: "When do we play the next Game, Ethan?"

AfterDeath Prime, or 'Disk Prime', as he's been known, is the work of a tortured soul. Having played and won a videogame against Megatron, Optimus Prime decides he didn't win fairly...and commits suicide.

No, seriously. Here's the Wikipedia entry, if you don't believe me.

His brain obviously isn't quite loading correctly, as he still thinks he's a videogame. Ethan hopes to see Prime restored to his former glory. Someday. Until then, he'll make a mint off the royalties.

Disk Prime has no equal. All the powers and abilities of the stalwart Autobot Leader are reproduced electronically down to the last detail. He's a seasoned commander, a brilliant battlefield tactician, and a compassionate soul without peer. As a character in a computer game, he seems to possess all the abilities and motivations of his former physical self; at least, as much of it as you could store on an old 5-inch floppy disk. As a disk, he's pretty useless.


Boxed | Back of Box

Notes: 2009: one of the best years ever in terms of characters. At least until 2010 :-) Disk Prime was absolutely inspired, and was given away free to all who attended. Ass-09 was the multicon-shared exclusive between CybCon, DutchBotcon, and Dairycon. Pretender Motormaster? In terms of popularity, he is second only to Heffer :-) He may even be number one. But not for long...

Personally, I like the idea that we have so many heralds of the apocolypse. It's cute to make fun/celebrate different aspects of the fandom, and I think we accomplished that nicely. The storylines and bios offer a rich tapestry from which one can draw.

I often wonder if everyone gets all the 'in-jokes' about this batch of characters. If I explained them all, I worry that some of the joy would go out of it.

You really have to feel bad for the Dairycons. They don't seem to catch many breaks. Between alcoholism, small stature, and general mental problems...