Pretender to the Throne

Part One

(A few years ago.)

"Jazz to Moo Base 1! Jazz to Moo Base 1!"

Prowl: "What's the problem, Jazz?"

Jazz: "It's that errant branch of Transformers from Wisconsin, Prowl. I can't raise them at their base."

Prowl: "Have you tried all the frequencies?"

Jazz: "Yea, man. Nothing. Something funky's goin' down."

Prowl: "Did you try sending a message to that states' Guardian unit?"

Jazz: "Even less luck. Not that I can undersand him when he's talkin'. I think we should take this to Prime."

Prowl: "Prime doesn't want to be disturbed. I'll send someone else to check on it personally."


Prowl entered the secret cooridor that led to his leader. It had been a long time since he walked these passageways; it had been some time since he'd bothered Prime at all. When he did, it was usually a few whispered words over a secured commlink. Prowl didn't mind running interference for their Leader; Prime trusted him enough to delegate the task of running their daily operations to him. Even Jazz, once Prime's closest confidant, didn't know exactly where their leader kept to these days. Just as well; Optimus had a lot on his mind.

And unfortunately, he was about to have another. Over the last few megacycles, the situation on Earth had changed. Prowl didn't mind sending operatives in his and Prime's place, but with Uncle no longer reporting in, and Plothole not reporting back even once...

Combine that with what Clutterbug had told him before she disappeared too... well, it meant that the situation needed to be dealt with at the highest level.

It meant disturbing Optimus Prime.

He entered the final area; the center of the city. A large, imposing door, that looked like it hadn't been opened in ages, loomed before him. Trickery, of course; Prowl walked toward a seemingly random section of wall... kept walking right thru it, actually.

A hologram.

Sitting on a raised Pedastal, Optimus Prime rested comfortably. Or so it seemed. Multiple video monitors lined a wall of the room, and each one of them told a story. Happenings across their home planet of Cybertron, cross-sectioned with readings from what seemed like multiple dimensions.... here, truly, was the informational hub of cybertron, and of every cybertron across the universe.

But this one was special.

This was the main one. The original universe, simply designated G1 on the map. The place from where all other facets of the multiverse took shape, and could be viewed.

But not accessed.

Doubtless, there were other Primes, in other universes, doing the same thing.



But this universe was special. This is where it began.

This is where it would end.

And Optimus Prime knew it.

This is why he secluded himself away. To watch. To wait. Saving his strength and wisdom for the day Cybertron, indeed the entire universe, would need him once again.

As always, it would involve earth.

To Be Continued!

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