Toiletbot in: Flushed!

"A clean toilet is a happy toilet..."

It's 2009, and time for Dairycon! All your favorite friends are there. Some, however, have a more purposeful purpose than others.

Take our portly potty pal Toiletbot, for example. Refurbished and reformatted, with an army of bawdy bowls to command, he stands ready to be an Exclusive for the show! But alas, fame has gone to his head, and being a mere champion of justice isn't enough anymore. No, for he has plans, persnickity plots, foolish focibles, accursed antics...and if that weren't enough, he has an idea, too...

Can it be true? It is!

Toiletbot, harnessing the power of his powerfuly powerful powers, stands ready to take over the show! With his clutch of cans, his parade of plungers, and his colossal clogs, Toiletbot plans to steal the spotlight away from the other exclusives!

But wait! There seems to be a problem! His troops aren't following his command!

Alas! Poor Toiletbot, we knew him well! His focibles foiled, their transformations tanked, Toiletbot and friends return to their packages and await the show. For as it happens, Toiletbot and his minions cannot Transform into anything other than a toilet. And what good is a toilet when it comes to world domination?

Ahhh, you will soon find out, true believers! Though their diatribe is temporarily derailed, Toiletbot and friends have not lost yet! They lay low, lurking in dark corners and dirty dens, awaiting the time when they can rise up again and flood the world with their foolishness! I would not want to be there when it happens.

So ends our hero's brief foray into world domination. He may not have taken over the Convention, but he has taken over our hearts. Tune in next month, when our talented toilet takes home a raffle winner! Until then, Excelsior!

(Yes, it's true. Toiletbot is one of the exclusives for the 2009 Dairycon Convention. You can read about all about his adventures in the pages of the Dairycon Universe!)