Dairycon 2011 Cassettes!

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Like the StormSword in 2005, and ASS-09 in 2009, 2011 brings us yet another MultiCon Shared Exclusive! Action Master Ravage does not fight alone! His Cassetticon brothers (and sisters) have joined him across the globe! Read on below, and track down the entire team today!

Allegiance: Evil Decepticon
Name: Action Master Ravage
Function: Information Broker

Quote: "All that's left of me, is what I pretend to be."

Once a loyal Decepticon soldier, and later an agent of Tripredacus Council, RAVAGE had the misfortune to try to double-cross a stalwart team of Maximals stranded on prehistoric Earth. Seemingly damaged beyond repair and stuck in stasis-lock, he now finds himself shuffled from one alternate timeline to another as various evil leaders attempt to decipher the information encoded in his memory banks. Now, he has fallen into the hands of The Leader...will his knowledge of the future lead to victory, or defeat?

As a stasis-locked cassette tape, RAVAGE has no physical abilities beyond those granted by his form. However, if placed into the tape player of a compatible mechanical device (Transformer or otherwise), he can assume complete control of his new body including whatever innate abilities it may possess. He possesses knowledge of at least one future timeline, and can use this to twist events to his benefit. Rumored to be pre-loaded with an ancient hate plague virus.

If seperated from a compatible body, he is completely helpless. His information storage medium is particularly vulnerable to strong magnetic fields.

Action Master Ravage - 6 Super Versions!

(Note: Dairycon 2011 Exclusive!)

Allegiance: Evil Decepticon
Name: Action Master Ravage (Hate Plague Version)
Function: Information Broker/Spreader of the Hate Plague

As a precaution against tampering, Action Master Ravage was pre-loaded with the hate-plague virus. Should anyone attempt to play him without the proper authorization, a modified version of the hate plague would be released and spread throughout the enemy ranks. Unfortunately, this exact thing happened when STEERS tried to load him in his 8-track player.

Like the the original, this plague grew to encompass the entire Dairycon Universe.

The only thing that could possibly stop this hate is a source of love that transcends all good, all evil. If such a thing only existed. Until that day...until all are one...

(Note: Dairycon 2011 Summer Breakfast Exclusive!)

Allegiance: Pre-Tf
Name: Diaclone CyberDober
Function: MircoChanger

Quote: " どのくらいのウィンドウでその犬ですか?"
Quote Translation: "Dono kurai no u~indou de sono inudesu ka?"
Quote Translation: "How much is that doggie in the window?"

Profile: Profile:
Diaclone CyberDober is back in action! Originally created in 1975, he was lost in a warehouse and stored for decades. Frustrated that people think he's a cat instead of a dog, AMC now stands ready to reclaim his throne as first among the Cassetticon MicoChangers!

Originally had a cool altmode from robot doberman to motorcycle and back. Was rudely and abruptly changed into a robot doberman with a cassette altmode. As a currently modelocked tape, Diaclone CyberDober has no abilities beyond those of an ordinary cassette. He does retain his ability to communicate telepathically with the proper host.

Time has not been a friend to Diaclone CyberDober. Faded, cracked, the image on his tape form nearly unusable. Frustrated that he was loaded with Japanese toy information and forgotten, and that so many knockoffs of him now exist.

(Note: Autocon Exclusive!)

Allegiance: Evil Decepticon
Name: Decoy Action Master Ravage
Function: MacGuffin

Quote: "..."

Constructed to fool the enemy (after they were routed by the Autobot decoys), Decoy Action Master Ravage is a fake cassette. Who he is meant to fool is anybody's guess. No one has been brave enough to ask Galvatron.>

As a Decoy, this version of Action Master Ravage is not made of the same quality materials as his bretheren. Instead, he is molded from cheap rubber and plastic, lacking both fine details and about 2/3 of his correct size. Contains no information.

Decoy Action Master Ravage's abilities *are* his weaknesses.

(Note: Cybcon 2011 Exclusive!)

Allegiance: Evil Decepticon
Name: Action Master HowlBack
Function: Secret Police

Quote: " ここに挿入気の利いた引用してください!"

HOWLBACK is a member of the Elite Cobalt Sentries, the "public safety unit" of the Decepticon Secret Police. HOWLBACK takes her job and position as an enforcer very seriously and will brook no dissent from anyone, even a fellow Decepticon. She carries herself with an elegant air, which masks the ice-cold killer at the core of her spark.

As a stasis-locked cassette tape, HOWLBACK has no physical abilities beyond those granted by her form. However, if placed into the tape player of a compatible mechanical device (Transformer or otherwise), she can assume complete control of her new body, including whatever innate abilities it may possess. Better protected than her other cassette bretheren, as she still possesses her "Feedbacker Shield", an energy barrier which absorbs energy attacks, allowing her to fire them back at the target of her choosing.

Mostly helpless in her current modelocked cassette form.

(Note: Freds Workshop Exclusive!)

Allegiance: Heroic Decepticon
Name: Action Master Glit
Function: Doctor

Quote: "I'm in Kiss Players now? Really? (hic!)"

Kind but stubborn, GLIT is the best surgeon the Decepticons have. Compassionate enough to treat any wounded robot he comes across, regardless of their faction. It is said that when he appears on a battlefield, neither side will win, because no warriors will die. Needless to say, this has created friction with Megatron, who once ordered GLIT's forelegs cut off to punish him for treating a wounded Autobot commander. The protests of his fellow Decepticons succeeded in changing their leader's mind. Left behind after a concert on earth, his current wherabouts are unknown.

Unlike other cassette Transformers, Glit does not transform into an audio tape, but rather a head-cleaning cassette.

Like his cassette bretheren, currently modelocked into tape form. Lousy singer when overfueled on energon.

(Note: Secret Exclusive!)