Dairycon 2010 Exclusives, Part Two: Return of Convoy!

Minerva and Pretender Convoy vs. Testshot!

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"Following PRETENDER CONVOY on a mission to Earth, MINERVA joins TICKER and UNCLE WHISKEY BREATH against TESTSHOT in their BATTLE FOR BREW CITY. Will the RETURN OF CONVOY be enough to turn the tide of battle?"

Allegiance: Cybertron
Name: Pretender Convoy
Function: Dairycon Supreme Commander

Quote: "Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings."

PRETENDER CONVOY is the largest, strongest, and wisest of the Dairycons. Feels his role is the protection of all life. If he were on Earth he would be a doctor, a mechanic, a scientist, and a warrior. But in the Dairycon Universe, there is no difference between these professions.

Throughout the years, CONVOY has had to change his appearance from time to time, in order to stay one step ahead of the Decepticons (and of-course, to keep himself in Prime fighting condition). This new disguise helps keep him incognito, while still allowing him an unprecedented increase in power.

PRETENDER CONVOY splits into two autonomous modules: 'Pete', the Outer shell/Combat deck; and CONVOY, the inner -robot/brain center known as Commander. CONVOY can operate his PRETENDER shell by remote over long distances, getting him into places where CONVOY can't normally travel. Having 'Pete' there is like being there himself.

When CONVOY is combined inside his armored shell, he is nigh-unstoppable. Equipped with a laser rifle and the Hat of Heroism. Outer shell can withstand even the heaviest of assault (though injury to one module can be felt by the other.)

If PRETENDER CONVOY could be said to have any weakness, it is his compassion and concern for others.

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Minerva
Function: Medic

Quote: "Head-on!"

Originally a transtector body to a pre-pubescent french girl, Minerva eventually seperated and became her own entity. Imbued with a life of her own by the Matrix, Minerva sought her destiny among the stars. Now, forces beyond her control have returned her to Earth to face a new threat. Having treated the stalwart Cybertron leader for injuries during the Victory era, she was the perfect choice to come back with Pretender Convoy on his mission to Earth.

Unparalleled medical skills. MINERVA can repair massive injuries faster than most medics can buff out a small scratch. While a more competent warrior than most of her medical colleagues, she will not fire on living opponents except in self defense. New vehicle mode allows speeds in excess of Mach .6, allowing her to arrive at the scene quickly. Has the ability to control Convoy's outer shell, 'Pete', though this takes all of her chokon power to do so(what it is she's gonna chokon is anyone's guess). Carries a Shock Blaster rifle.

Her robot mode is more fragile than most, and not particularly suited to heavy combat. Suffers from frequent headaches, believed to be a lingering aftereffect of her former existence as a Headmaster. Non-violent nature often blahblah yea, this crap is actually canon in the japanese series. I wish I were joking.

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Allegiance: Anti-Dairycon
Name: Testshot
Function: The Apocalypse

Quote: "I have Summoned You for a Purpose..."

Puzzlement, uneasiness, and finally revulsion over the excess that Dairycon had become... *that* is the reason for TESTSHOT's existence. Rallying others to his Cause, and employing Heralds to do his dark bidding, TESTSHOT intends to return the Convention to a fan-friendly gathering, without the glitz and glamour. With the heart and love of the franchise as his motivation, TESTSHOT rejects the commercialization of Dairycon and all other Conventions. He longs for the day that the Fandom would return to its humble roots, or 'Golden Age'. If he has to destroy the entire Universe to accomplish this, so be it.

In all forms, TESTSHOT considers himself an 'Anti-Dairycon.' On those rare occasions when he assumes physical form, TestShot is equipped with a Prototype gun. Viral in-nature, the weapon 'devolves' its intended target, transforming them back to their original state and mode-locking them into it. However, TESTSHOT rarely leaves his space between the dimensions. He prefers to work thru other agents, such as Ass-09 and Pretender MotorMaster. It is said that TESTSHOT will reveal himself only when his total victory is assured. The fact that we see him now can mean only the worst.

As the Dairycon Universe winds down, his hold on Entropy grows even stronger. The only thing that could possibly stop TESTSHOT is a source of Light and Wisdom that transcends all good, all evil. If such a thing only existed. Until that day...until all are one...


Notes: Just about the only thing, "you-know-who," HASN'T been in all these years is a Pretender, and a GeeWun MiniBot - so congrats, you now have both :-) I think this a great way both to celebrate 10 years of Dairycon, and to celebrate over 25 years in the fandom. It's always nice to go out on a high note (though why a Transformer, who is already pretending to be something else thru his altmode, needs an additional pretender disguise is anyone's guess. :-)

Minerva, who has been a fav of the Organisers for years, has finally seen a domestic US release (at least, thru the show). We fully expect she'll be stolen any moment. Proof of concept, and all that.

Testshot exists for one purpose, and one purpose only: to make something fun pop up on all those ebay searches :-) Fun, huh? The biggest menace to the entire Universe... turns out to be (secret!).

These items are part of the 'Return of Convoy' assortment. Minerva is the PreReg exclusive, while Pretender Convoy and Testshot are the limited and lucky draw itmes for the 2010 Show.

Notes: Uncle Whiskey Breath, the very first Dairycon Exclusive (see 2001) has been reissued for the 10th Anniversary! Referred to by insiders as a 'Pasteurized', or 'Dairycon Classics Reissue', Uncle comes with a number of the same accessories he was issued with years ago, as well as a few new surprises.

Ticker, whom fans have been clamoring for, has finally seen release in the Dairycon line, as a potential enemy (and possible ally) of Uncle. Originally listed as a 'Paradron Medic', Ticker was the final figure in the original Dairycon storyline (10 years running) that awaited release. Wait no longer!

These items are part of the 'Battle for Brew City' assortment, and are the Regular Raffle items for the 2010 Convention.