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'MooCross: Do you remember Cud?' Assortment!

Read about these exciting characters in Dairycon 2050!

Allegiance: Harmony Gold
Name: Armor 3
Function: Discarded Weapon

Abandoned at R-point, Ride Armor 3 was exposed to overwhelming amounts of C-culture and eventually gained sentience. Still fights against the Alien Enemy, though now without a human pilot. Inexplicably, wild hens will flock to roost in the shins of the empty armor, and the resultant eggs provide power.

Armor 3's evolved form now changes into Cyclone cannon. Generates powerful gale force winds that uproot trees and knock an enemy to the ground.

Reduced mobility due to loss of Ride Function. Latent engrams of previous host wreck havoc with cognitive processing. Damage to hen or shin will fully disable Armor, rendering it powerless.


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Allegiance: Southern Cross
Name: Hover 2
Function: Ground Assault

Scavanged from an alien spacecraft and put into mass production, Hover 2 is the quintessential fighting machine; powered by c-culture, it is an essential piece in the war against the Alien Enemy.

Superior mobility on earthen terrain. Armed with a variety of artillery shells in Guardian mode, and a plasma cannon in tank mode. Ablative armor protects exoframe and pilot from all but the heaviest weapons. On-board computers react to threats almost instantaneously, making the pilot essentially redundant.

Plasma cannon doesn't run out of ammo, but the artillery shells do; leaving it at a disadvantage in prolonged combat. Unit occasionally seems to have a mind of its own, reacting in unforseen ways (usually to protect the pilot), making it difficult for unseasoned organics to use.

Vehicle Mode | Combined with Headmaster Scott | No, That's Really How He's Transformed

Allegiance: Skull Squadron
Name: Roy Foalker
Function: Veritech Pony

Once a celebrated member of the Wonderbolts, Roy Foalker joined the Equestria Navy as a fighter pony, serving with distinction in the first Cutie Mark War. Currently in-battle with the Zen-trot-i, Roy wishes for nothing more than to settle down with his sweetie and enjoy some pineapple salad.

Considered a bit of a stud by his squad mates. Acts as mentor and friend to younger ponies still trying to find their way. Carefree attitude occasionally upsets others. Has been known to play the guitar.

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Allegiance: Gakken
Name: Headmaster Scott
Function: Opticlops

Having merged repeatedly with the Alien Enemy, Scott eschewed his previous Ride Armor and adopted a new biomech form.

Scott is able to utilize 'master technology and take over compatible forms, making their power his own. Originally a user of technology, now Scott is part of the technology itself; as-such, he has an immediate understanding of anything he links with.

New partial Alien form is still evolving; it currently renders him unable to utilize previous Ride Armor. Repeated bondings with Alien Enemy, though pleasurable, have robbed Scott of most of his humanity; it is unknown if there's anything left that could be considered human.


Head Mode | Combined with Hover 2 | In Package

Allegiance: EDC
Name: H.A.M. (Human Articulated Mecha)
Function: Paramilitary Operations

Scavanged from the Battle for Autobot city, the corpses of various deceased Transformers were removed from the battlefield by the ever 'helpful' humans. These remains did not make it to a mausoleum; they were instead cobbled together, made minimally functional, and used as battle suits to quell 'unrest' in various countries.
The Decepticons could care less; the Autobots would be horrified - if they ever found out.

Various. Depending on the corpse, they can lift tonnage, fire various plasma, beam weapons, and artillery shells. They are able to function in a variety of terrain. The pilots often give their units nicknames; one particularly weapons-heavy unit is called Gun H.A.M., while one with protruding insect limbs is called Spider H.A.M.

Since they are scavenged from Cybertonian corpses, no two H.A.M. are exactly alike. This makes replacing damaged parts difficult. Occasionally, remnants of a core bots' personality re-emerges, making the mecha somewhat difficult to control.

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Allegiance: Duobot
Name: Two-Fer
Function: Terrible Spy

Quote: "What a refreshing nap! I'm totally disoriented, and frothing with hate!"

Two-Fer is a rather unique bot. A former H.A.M. (human articulated mecha), Two-Fer reasserted his programming and came back to life. It's hard to determine *which* life; having been cobbled together from various bots, it is unknown if he's a specific personality, or a melding.

A chance encounter with Punch / Counterpunch has given his life new meaning; he now functions as Cybertron's worst spy and, surprisingly, their best comedian. He's convinced he can end the war, if he can just get everybody to laugh.

Two-Fer is a duobot; he has two robot modes, but no vehicle mode. Though ostensibly an Autobot and Decepticon, anyone looking at him can tell he's the same 'bot, regardless of badging. This does not stop him from carrying out his mission, speaking to opposing factions often, and running that information directly to the enemy. The leaders of both factions tolerate this, and often use Two-fer as an informal back-channel to communicate with one another.

Besides, he's... funny.

Two-fer has been gifted with an innate sense of Timing. He'll tell bots his feelings regarding minicon panels; how they seem to have monetary value, so perhaps they should gather up all the minions and *buy* the energon they need instead: "If you hit a minicon on the head with a steel pipe, he turns into 40 Shanix!"

Two-Fer occasionally tries to change his voice for his different modes, but often 'forgets'. He has the same face for either mode, so it's a moot point anyway.

His Autobot mode has a standard Lazer pistol, while his Decepticon mode has a billy club and riot shield.

lack of a vehicle mode hampers his effectiveness. Has to walk everywhere. Often 'forgets' to transform into other bot mode when infiltrating the enemy camp. A fresh recruit from off-planet, who wasn't clued in to Two-fer's special status, once shot him, wondering why his comrades were letting an insane Junkion just walk around the camp telling jokes.

Other Robot Mode | In Package

Name: MP Heffer

Quote: ""




Alt Mode | In Package

Notes 1: 'Merging with Alien entity' is exactly what you think it is.

Notes 2: If you haven't sussed out that there's a representative sample from each 'generation,' then there's no helping you.

Notes 3: Comedian? Ham? Anybody? Sigh...

Notes 4: Hard to believe we can make this last multiple years, but buckle up, Buttercup.