DairyCon 2050: Prologue

By Fred's Workshop

Before Time Began, there was... The Moo.

We know not where it comes from, only that it holds the power to create worlds, and fill them with life.

That is how the Dairycons were born.

For a time they lived in Harmony, but like all Great Power, some wanted it for good, some for evil.

That's how the war began.


Years pass. The planet was ravaged; the Moo was lost to time and space.

Consumed by death, the prize lost, peace settled over the planet. The surviving Dairycons went dormant, and humanity reasserted itself, eventually forgetting the Dairycons even existed.

Until the Signal.


The humans at SETI found it first. A very specific signal, from a very special object in space.

And it was coming closer.

If they had understood what they found, they might have kept it a secret. But that would only have delayed the inevitable.

Other ears were listening.

In long-forgotten underground bunkers, they received the Signal, too. Machinery came to life. Automated systems booted up, thawing out and reviving their occupants.

One particular stasis pod hissed and popped, it's occupant ready. As he opened his optics, a smile appeared on his fleximetal face; if he was awake, then The Moo had been found, and needed it's Greatest Guardian once again.

Sitting up, addressing the communications systems, the being spoke aloud his first words in a *very* long time:



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