Dairyland TransFans Membership Card Info!

Answers to Frequently Asked Membership Card Questions!

This page was created to answer membership card questions. Mostly, I got tired of repeating this information every time it was asked. :-)

1) Membership cards are provided to members of the DTF group.

2) These cards are good for discounts with certain local and online merchants (currently Modelzone in Milwaukee and TFSource on the web...go to the Links page for access to the special TFSource page.)

3) Membership cards are also used to acquire an additional special tidbit during the Dairycon Convention (note numbers 5 and 6 under the yearly convention exclusions.

4) Cards are created in batches on a yearly basis (roughly once per year). Once your membership card is created, we will post to to the groups mailer. If you wish to recieve your DTF membership card, you will need to e-mail the moderator off-group and provide your mailing address. Your card will be mailed to you when time permits. Cards will not be provided at the convention, nor can they be picked up in-person.

5) The first DTF membership card is free. Replacement for lost or stolen cards will be subject to a $999.95 reprocessing fee. So you'd better not lose it. Your card will be added to the batch list and created when time permits (see #4.)

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