Part One

Dairycons must find the Storm Sword, or Defensis Dies!

Campaign Car, Electrum Beast, and Burning Furry Monkey remembered the Battle.

They remembered Uncle Whiskey Breath strike the killing blow, and the sudden release of an unknown energy as the blade of the StormSword bit into the dual-spark of their enemy. Some say that day that the universe had reset, but only one thing was for certain:

The enemy was gone.

But so was the StormSword.

Uncle had no memory of the battle that he himself had just took part in, much less the location of the Sword. In point of fact, when questioned, not only was the battle missing from his memory, but so was any memory having to do with his old partner, WindChill. Strange, very strange, that such a thing should happen.

Uncle was repaired, then released to return to his duties as Guardian of the Midwest. Heffer, before an enemy, but now having no recollection of the Leader, much less how he got here to earth, was invited to come back to Cyberton with the rest of the Dairycons.

Campaign Car and Electrum Beast performed some scans of the area prior to leaving, and found 3 anamolous energy signatures; one on Earth, and two that had apparently passed thru seperate warpgates that even now were all but dispersed. Scanning the residuals of the warpgates, they found that one of them led to an unknown location, but the other one..... led directly to Cybertron.

Oddly convenient, that.

There was a bit of a hubub amongst the command structure of the Dairycon crew. The information from the scans included one critical piece of data:

The signatures matched the Stormsword.

Having completed the scan, they tasked themselves to investigate each one; Campaign Car stayed on Earth, while Electrum Beast headed to Cybertron. A warpgate was generated. And a volunteer was requested for the final destination.

Burning Furry Monkey stepped forward.

And stepped thru the warpgate....

To nowhere.


Crackup managed to get a moment away from the Leader. In Limbo, this was no easy task. Citing the need to have some time to himself after their argument, Crackup worked his way to the holotransmitter, and placed his call.

Crackup: "Domino... are you there?"

Domino: "Sure thing, boss. Whats up?"

Crackup: "The Leader his made his move. I expect that the target will be near your location shortly."

Domino: "Understood, boss."

Crackup: "Use any means necessary."

Domino: "I always do, boss."


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