Part One

Campaign car plotted. He completed his journey to earth, scanned in the appropriate disguise mode (a truck, no less) and was on his way. His mentor, CrackUp, had trained him well. Exiting the shuttle, he transformed, and headed down the highway toward his pre-planned destination. His orders were simple: scout the location, and report back to base. The other Decepticons stationed earthside were not to be made aware of his mission, if at all possible. If he needed reinforcements, then he obviously failed at his task, and would be considered expendable. There would be no help forthcoming.

Suddenly, a loud pop, and a blast of cold air. Campaign Car skidded. There was an explosion behind him! The road had turned to ice beneath his wheels. Even with 18 of them, this mode would be useless in such trecherous conditions. Campaign Car transformed and turned, scanning for the source. What he found chilled him to the bone.

"Hey dere!" said Uncle Whiskey Breath, taking aim once again with his blizzard shotgun. "Whatcha doing round deez parts? Planning something sneaky, I bet." Campaign Car was appalled. "What are you shooting at me for, you idiot?!" he shouted. "Look at my arm! I'm with you guys!" And sure enough, if you looked closely, you could see the faint upraised outline of an autobot symbol on his arm. It was nearly obscured by the black finish. But it was there. Like CrackUp always said, plan ahead...that was the art of the deal.

Uncle Whiskey Breath was not impressed. "Eh, whaddya know," he said, holstering his weapon. "Yer wearing the autobrand, all right. But you sure ain't colored like no autobot I ever seen. I don't recognise you," he said, peering suspiciously at him once again. "Wha'djou say yer name was?"

"My name is of no importance to you," Campaign car said, in an almost hypnotic voice, waving his hands in a certain way. "You will remember nothing. You will return to your post, and report all is well."

"Eeeehhhh....yeeeaaaaa," Uncle Whiskey Breath replied, his optics going blank. "Nothing to see here. All is well. Going home now." With that, he transformed into his cybertonain- tractor mode, and rumbled off for home.

"It worked!" Campaign car said to himself, when Uncle Whiskey Breath was out of sight. "Good thing, too, because I left my weapons on the ship. Guess I've still got my hypnotic sparkle. Hmph. I should have emptied that guy's energon store while I had him. Weak-minded Autobot fool. Ah well. I'll come back for him later. His mind....held something very interesting. Something I should attend to immediately." With that, Campaign car transformed, and headed southward...toward Milwaukee.

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