Part One

I will not accept this fate.

Trapped in this stasis pod, my mind is still active. And I have come to the conclusion that we have been lied to. It was a trap. The enemy has gotten one over on us.

I wonder how the others are? Are they still deactivated, sitting in these pods, awaiting their fate? Have their minds been wiped yet? Will anyone still believe? Is there a warrior left among us?



SunBeam disconnected the monitoring device. These aptly named, 'Dairycons', no matter what faction they professed to be, seemed a gullible lot. And how easily they were led astray!

Satisfied that no one in the chamber remained active, SunBeam exited the room, and reported to the briefing room, where The Leader waited.

SunBeam: "Mission accomplished. They're all safely stored in Pod Room C. The requested technology has ben delivered to the labs."

The Leader: "...And Crackup....?"

SunBeam: "As ordered, his spark was stripped out and imprisoned in Detention Block C. We'll restore it when his ship arrives in approximately 2 vorn."

The Leader: "Excellent. You do good work. With all the materials from Crackup's ship, and the Milwaukee Base, we will have a decided advantage in our continued...endeavors."

SunBeam: "If you say so, sir."

The Leader: "Is there a problem?"

SunBeam: "No sir, it's just that...I wasn't aware that Campaign Car would be put in cold storage as well. I was under the impression that he would be...."

The Leader: "That he would be what? Restored, returned to his rightful place? Continue his duties with us uninterrupted? You have an interesting imagination. He was as defective as the rest of them. It was obviously a lie, of course."

SunBeam: "Yes sir. Still...."

The Leader: "I tire of this. Do not question me."

SunBeam: "Yes sir."

The Leader: "You are still young; someday you will understand. You have done good work. Do not sully it. You are dismissed."

With that, SunBeam left the command deck. If robots could breathe, he would have let out a visible sigh of relief. The last thing he needed was to upset The Leader. That way only led to the Smelting Pits. No, he was better off just the way things are.

To Be Continued.

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