Dairycon Exclusives!

Reinforcements from Dairycon!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Line
Function: BrewMaster

Quote: "Alas, poor Convoy, I knew him well."

A former character actor on Cybertron, when the War broke out LINE was recruited into the Diplomatic Corps. Fond of making profound speeches on the Senate floor, it was he who was responsible for the principal dialog in the Pax Cybertronia peace document. Feeling it was time to share his talent with a new audience, he left Cybertron at the high point of his career and joined KUGEL on an exploratory mission to Earth.

Great theatrical presense. Can be what the audience needs him to be with an almost instinctual skill. Using his acting skills and a number of holo-emmittors, he entertains the fleshlings as any number of famous celebrities. Combines with his fellow BrewMasters into a being of great power.

A lover, not a fighter. Not effective in full-scale combat. Has been considered a bit hammish by some of his fellow BrewMasters.

Notes: Line is the 2015 release of the Reinforcements from Dairycon line of figures. Numbered fifth in a series of six, and available *only* if you attended the 2015 Dairycon Convention, and turned in your Moo-Points to get him. :-) More on Moo Points...