The Myth Behind the Moo

Part Three

The story had gone on awhile. Afterwards, there was silence.

Then, the questions began.

"So let me get this straight," Electrum Beast replied. "You're saying that Uncle basically showed up here in order to find his friend? But he never found him? And that his friend... this is the reason we all exist here in this particular space and time?"

Optimus: "That is correct."

Electrum Beast: "So his being officially assigned to my team all those years ago, the accent, the way he wandered off at odd times..."

Optimus: "..."

Bunny Convoy: "Well that just stinks. So many lives ruined. So many sparks lost. And it was all for nothing?!"

PlotHole: "You aren't listening, young pup. It *wasn't* for nothing! Everything has happened for a reason! A purpose! The divergent timeline you existed in was but one thread of a very large tapestry. You can't merely say a thread doesn't belong, and try to pull it out... you risk unraveling the entire universe."

Ticker: "But Motormaster... and those assinine Harbingers of the Apoclypse... if you had the ability to see the future, why didn't you stop this all from happening?"

Optimus: "No-one truly has the ability to see into the future. The cassette warned us only of the possibility. We've learned that everytime we tried to make a change, we merely created another divergant timeline. Another universe. And another evil."

Electrum Beast: "Then may I ask... where are we all now?"

Optimus: "The End. The Beginning. We are All One in the Transformer universe. And *that* is why this universe is so special."

Electrum Beast: ""

Ticker: "Does that mean he found his friend?"

In the background, Toiletbot snickered; Uncle Whiskey Breath elbowed him to be quiet.

Optimus Prime: "Funny story...."


The Past- Much, much later.

He didn't know how many days he'd been there, but TB-1 awoke from stasislock to find that his world had changed.

For the worse.

For reasons he couldn't fathom, he was bolted to the floor of a small room. Doing a quick diagnostic, he found that he was part of some sort of waste disposal system. That was distressing enough. Accessing his internal chronometer, he'd discovered something else:

He'd been here for 10 years.

He immediately placed a Priority One call thru his inter-autobot radio.

Silence greeted him.

Panic set in. What had happened to the battle, to his friend, to their mission? He knew he had to escape. Accessing his options, he found that his altmode scanner was offline. His Turbojet mode was completely missing. Scrolling further, he found that he had only two modes: bot-mode, and something called kammode.

That must be what he was jammed into right now. Aligning his transform circuits, he pressed himself into bot mode.

A loud flushing sound was heard as bolts ripped loose from their moorings. Walls tumbled as his head went thru the roof of the small room. Pulling the bulk of his mass from subspace, he stood, appalled at what he'd become.

TB-1 was no more.

ToiletBot had taken his place.


Hearing a loud flush, and the sound of rusted metal pulling loose, the owner of Stogie's pizza was fuming. Bad enough that his best waitress had quit on him today, and his favorite delivery truck had gone missing. Now his toilet had backed up?

He'd always regretted turning this old gas station into a pizza parlor. The food was fine enough, but the customers? Well, they left something to be desired. Especially the one currently making all the racket in the back.

Squaring his shoulders, Stogie stomped into the backroom to see who'd just broken his toilet, when the very walls of his restroom seemed to come exploding out at him...

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