The Myth Behind the Moo: Hook, Line, and Kugel

Part Five

The Story of the Dairycon BrewMasters

By Jeremy Graven

An adventurous trio, these three Dairycons stumbled across the planet well before the term "Earth" would leave its mark on Cybertronian history. Wandering across the vastly unsettled North American continent, they came across a large Wisconsin logging community in the mid 19th century. Becoming infatuated with these hardy settlers, they thought it'd be a wonderful gesture to supply them with what they'd been in such dire need of; a liquid fuel the locals called "beer".

They traveled the globe, and learned the brewing trade by analyzing samples from the master distillers (and in return anonymously passed on a few simple ideas to help improve the humans' own manufacturing processes). Before long, our two heroes had built their own brewery, in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin using the most advanced Cybertronian technology. The townsfolk were sworn to secrecy, developed a backstory for the company; a simple cover-story using a bogus family name, and "Leinenkugel's" found it's way into the hearts of Midwesterners everywhere...

As time went on (for the most part staying out of the Autobot & Decepticon conflict), they developed new beers, began distributing their popular brews to new areas, and have even recently begun recording their own commercials as "Jake & Dick Leinenkugel" (with Kugel's minicon partner, 'Miller' starring as "John Leinenkugel").

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