Dairycon Exclusives!

Reinforcements from Dairycon!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: WannaBee
Function: Construction Support

Quote: "Let's GO, Team!!"

Though his original designation was 'Big Bucket', those who know him have coined his current, slightly derogatory name. WANNABEE imagines himself a leader; he's always ordering others around him into battle. Though he idolises larger Autobots such as Prowl and BumbleBee, and strives to emulate them, he falls well short of the mark. WANNABEE is the quintesential, 'B-team' player. Though he senses he is destined for something greater, he is unable to asertain what exactly it might be...

WANNABEE excels at building (and rebuilding) fortifications. Broken concrete, shattered glass, you name it. He is usually called in to repair damaged human settlements after a particularly nasty Autobot/Decepticon battle. His ability to blend into the local enviornment is quite good.

Overactive cheerfulness does not mask his distinct inability to be a leader. Some follow him simply to shut him up. Usually the first to be shot at in battle. Often bickers with his twin brother POSER; arguments and lack of ability seem to be at the Nexus of his problems.

Notes: WannaBee is the 2011 release of the Reinforcements from Dairycon line of figures. Numbered first in a series of six, and available *only* if you attended the 2011 Dairycon Convention, and turned in your Moo-Points to get him. :-) More on Moo Points...