Dairycon 2014 Exclusives!

The 'Roll Out' Assortment!

Read about these exciting characters in Shattered! The Dairycon Moo-niverse!

Allegiance: Reinforcements From Dairycon
Name: SolarFlare SunBeam
Function: Strategic Ground Commander

Quote: "The finish line doesn't matter...if you've been turned to ash."

Can one bot, alone, Stop the Decepticons? SunBeam would say 'No.' Returned to full function after the Dark Energy dispersed, SunBeam found himself in a world where The 86 animated Transformers Movie was an actual film produced by the Autobots; Rodimus Prime coexisted with Optimus Prime; and The Cracker was an awe-inspiring opponent.

Finds it incredulous that the Dairycon Moo-niverse could be mucked up this much, and blames Bunny Convoy for the mess.

Using his Japanese Platinum Factor (Puratinamu Fakuta!), Sunbeam has the ability to superheat his body to 10,000 degrees C. He can shoot concussive laser blasts from his headlights. As his name implies, he can put all his energy into a single Solarflare Attack that will blind, and most likely melt, all nearby opponents.

Cold weather is not SUNBEAM'S friend. In extreme conditions, his transformation protocols freeze up. Upgraded sportscar mode is built to operate in balmy, agreeable weather, not on icy roads, and more often than not will end up stuck in a snowdrift. Plans to use his new powers to restore the original Moo-niverse.

Vehicle Mode

Notes: Told you you'd love SunBeam. :-)

To answer the question posed by SunBeam's bio: it would appear that one bot alone is not, in-fact, capable of stopping the Decepticons. It takes at least 11. He needs you, the reader, to contact the other Dairycons in order to bail him out.

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