Dairycon 2014 Exclusives!

'Dairycon Classics' Assortment!

Read about these exciting characters in Shattered! The Dairycon Moo-niverse!

Allegiance: Dairycon Classic
Name: Bunny Convoy
Function: Field Commander

Quote: "I am a sexy beast!"

Bunny Convoy is the reincarnation of the Autobot Overdrive. Sometimes jokingly referred to as "Hoptimus Prime." A junior member of the Convoy Council; a disastrous mission to planet Earth resulted in his current rabbit beast mode. Rumored to have studied swordsmanship under the former Autobot leader Star Saber. Has recently fallen into a vat of Electrum, allowing him access to unprecedented new power.

Bunny Convoy possessess powerful leg pistons, allowing him to jump over 1 mile in a single leap. He can hear a whisper 5 miles away, and spot a carrot 20 miles distant. The Haresplitter swords attached to his forearms can cut through almost anything(although cheese is prone to dulling the cutting edge). With Burning Furry Monkey or the presence of his Target moo-ster partner Dairybot, he can become the infinitely more-powerful, 'Overdrive Convoy' (an effort he can maintain for only short periods of time since his dip in Electrum).

His beast mode's diminutive size and lack of long-range offensive weapons limits his effectiveness on a large battlefield. In close quarters against single opponents, however, his skills are almost legendary. Sense of humor tends to grate on those older than him. He takes it all in stride.

In Package Front | In Package Side | Original 2004 Version | Versus SunBeam GTT

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: SunBeam GTT
Function: Desert Warfare

Quote: "Careful what you touch- you might get burned."

SunBeam is reborn! Transformed during his encounter with the Dark Energy, SunBeam now serves Nemesis Heffer as they search for the Instruments of Construction.

SUNBEAM 's flashy car mode has been replaced with a powerful all-terrain cybertronian construction tank. Has the ability to superheat his body to 10,000 degrees C. He can shoot concussive laser blasts from his shoulder-mounted cannon. Construction tank mode can deploy a cutting blade capable of slicing entire buildings in half with one strike. Brave Ball, when deployed, doubles the effect.

Speed is not SUNBEAM'S friend. His new form, though powerful, is slow. Can no longer travel the vegas strip with his friend Pinchbottom. The dark energy has muddied his thinking, making him slow and ponderous in body and mind. In extreme conditions, his powerplant can overheat and crack, destroying himself and everyone around him in the process.

In Package | Original 2004 Version | With Secret Accessory

Versus Bunny Convoy | With Braveball Accessory | Top View

Allegiance: Dairycon Classic
Name: Clutterbug (Reissue)
Function: Salvage

Quote: "Catch as catch can!"

'Disorganised' is a nice way of describing Clutterbug. Anything that gets thrown out, she'll drag back again. Believes everything has some sort of value, and should be kept for future use. As a result, her nest looks like a hoarder's paradise, with piles of this and that scattered all over. The uber-packrat.

Clutterbug has excellent sensors; she's able to detect raw materials from several feet down, even in a landfill. Can analyze the content of an object an instantly give a breakdown of its composition. Serrated pincers can cut thru most materials. In times of extreme crisis, she can unleash all her energy into one spark-attack, but this action leaves her defenseless afterwards.

Her messiness is her greatest flaw; even Blot thinks she should spruce up a little. Telling her she needs to clean things up will be met with cold stares and silence. Not much of a team player.

In Package | Original 2003 Version

Notes: It's the Dairycon Classic All-Stars! a group of Super Friends have banded together to form a Justice League of Dairycon proportions! (Well, if we didn't have a super comic parody, you wouldn't know what to do with us.)

Bunny Convoy - This Electrum-powered reissue of a Dairycon Classic is a true Convoy in every sense of the word. If you look closely, you can compare the blue coloring and note that this new version is a lighter G2 blue compared to his original 2004 release.

SunBeam GTT - Yes, it's true! Not wanting to fight Convoy in any of his incarnations, SunBeam has leveled up. Still retaining his color scheme and sense of Style, SunBeam GTT (Generic Tank Thing) has the raw horsepower and ability to tackle his enemy in any terrain.

Clutterbug - I never thought I would say this, but *this* garish version is actually nicer than the original garish version. It was nice to revisit her; you can't have enough female Dairycons on the team.

If you were lucky enough to win one of the Dairybot or Dairycon figures during the events, you can power up your figures to unbelievably powerfully powerful levels. It's beyond Gouda. It's beyond Platinum.

It's Dairycon.