Dairycon 2013 Exclusives!

The 'Shattered Moo-niverse' Assortment: Scoot and Washout vs Combat Hero and ReCyKill!

Read about these exciting characters in Shattered: The Dairycon Moo-niverse and Battle for Brew City!

"The Dairycon Universe has been Shattered! Now split into many fragments, our heroes find themselves battling evil dopplegangers from another Moo-niverse! Can WASHOUT and SCOOT battle the tyranny of COMBAT HERO and RECYKILL?"

"Prepare for a New Adventure Across the Vast, Countless Universes! To Battle the Elusive Enemy with Unbelievable Allies! Are You Ready to Befriend Familiar Foes? Will You Confront Friends who are Moo Than Meets the Eye...?"

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Scoot
Function: Materials Engineer

Quote: "Diecast construction...it's a lost art."

The Dairycons' resident inventor. Grudgingly admits to being an 'old school' transformer. Prefers the old technology, even while mastering the new.

Highly dexterous. Can manipulate materials and sparks with forcefields built-in to his hands. Dual-robot-mode allows him choice of either a stable platform or greater speed.

Believes that the mind of a transformer is more important than its body. As such, he's more of a thinker than a soldier. This can be mistaken for cowardice by his enemies.

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Original 2003 Version | ReCyKill Variant!

Surprise Special Raffle Version! | Comparison

Allegiance: MachineRobo
Name: ReCyKill
Function: High Protector

Quote: "Why do they keep killing me off?"

Boundless pride, ego and ambition describe ReCyKill. Once content with obscurity, his constant reincarnation in other series have sparked his desire to return to power. Although he seems to be quite at home in the role of a brutal, ambitious warlord and would be world-conqueror, the moment he gets started with his diabolical plans, something catastrophic happens (Scoot steals his power suit, the entire universe is in peril, causing a team-up with his foes, or worse, someone kills him with his own weapon.) His recent stop in the Dairycon Universe has only worsened his situation.

As a main character in a once-popular series, ReCyKill has the ability to come back. Thwart his plans for world domination and he'll come back with a new plan the next day. Toss him in a smelting pool and he'll come back in another series, sporting his signature color scheme. Able to survive an almost cartoon-quality amount of damage and humiliation.

See Strengths. And Profile.

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ReCyKill This! | ReCyKill Redux

Allegiance: Evil Dairycon
Name: Combat Hero
Function: Gladiator

Quote: "The jail you planned for me is the one you're going to rot in."

A former high-ranking officer in the Cybertonian Forces. COMBAT HERO made his way up thru the rank and file. Believes in lasting peace thru the use of tyranny. An incident of rebellion against high command led to his discharge and imprisonment. With the aid of ReCyKill, COMBAT HERO escaped the Big Max prison and is currently at-large.

COMBAT HERO is a formidable weapon, both in body and mind. Belives a mission's success lies in its planning. Transforms into an armored tank. Can fire photon missles with pinpoint accuracy. Controls a number of earth-based clones of himself. Remembers battles long past and crafts future strategy accordingly. A relentless fighter.

Chafed under high commands' rule. Notoriously short-temper; incompetent underlings really grind his gears. As a result, his plans to lead a Dairycon uprising will likely fail.

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Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: Washout
Function: Military Intelligence

Quote: "I am NOT an oxymoron!"

Hero. Villian. Savior. These and more apply. His history as a high-ranking member of the cybertronian military is obscured, as is his time as a mercenary. Little is known about his past beyond his time with the Dairycons, serving as a friend to Bunny Convoy (and more recently his heroic sacrifice to defeat the world-devourer.) Brought back to life by Hi-Q for reasons yet unknown, Washout will do his best to fight the good fight - at least, until bar time.

Washout is a formidable weapon, both in body and mind. Belives a mission's success lies in its planning. Transforms into an armored tank. Can fire photon missles with pinpoint accuracy. Remembers battles long past and crafts future strategy accordingly. A relentless fighter. Few can withstand the onslaught.

Getting sloshed on a semi-regular basis is Washout's only true weakness. If he can lay off the energon, he can usually focus on the task at hand. on the task at hand. Recurring processor glitch sometimes robs him of his short-term memory.

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Surprise Special Raffle Version!

Allegiance: Dairycon
Name: My Little Ass-09
Function: Adorable Harbingers of the Apocalypse

Quote: "Friendship Through Tyranny!"

Risen from the ashes by Dark Energy, the Thousand Donkeys of the Apocalypse have been infused with the Power of Friendship. Ass-09 to the nth degree, with this new found power they are no longer just promoting their liberal agenda, but are forcing it onto Transformers with vehicle alt-modes against their will.

My Little Ass-09 uses his TwiLight Sparkle Breath to make vehicle mode Transformers take on Beast form, a change that leaves many of these "cured" Transformers completely insane.

Fortunately for other Transformers, My Little Ass-09's Power of Friendship makes him crave the friendship of others even more than energon. Simply telling him you won't be his friend anymore if he uses his TwiLight Sparkle Breath on you leaves him in an emotional tailspin, during which he can't use his power.

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The Shattered Dairycon Moo-niverse has arrived! Last year's PreReg set of heroic 'Future Dairycons' has met their match in this year's assortment of evil Shattered Moo-Niverse figures. Who will win? :-)

It was nice to see the return of Dairycon Classic characters Scoot and Washout. And now, you *finally* (a decade later) have the explanation of who Scoot and Washout really are! Scoot is Dairycon's version of gobot Scooter. And now that ReCyKill has crossed over.... :-) Heh.

As for Washout... lessee, he was originally (secret), became Washout, and in the future becomes Rally Rhino? Interesting.

(Lewis writes: "Dear Fred. Crazy, you mean. It's like you're trying to make fun of.... ooooohhhh.")

Combat Hero and ReCyKill were the Dairycon 2013 PreReg exclusives. Dairycon Classics Scoot and Washout were rare recolor variants randomly inserted into Admission Packets. You were very lucky indeed if you got one.

Oh, and...happy 10th Anniversary, Scoot. Welcome Back.