DairyCon Preregistration 2015

Friday and Saturday
March 27th and 28th, 2015
Retlaw Hotel
Crystal Ballroom
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Dairycon 2015 will be open to Walk-Ins for the first time! Preregistration is preferred so we can have an idea of how many guests will attend, but is no longer required.

The Walk-In price is $12 per person. Children under 12 are free with a parent. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Note: Walk-Ins will receive one Dairycon Attendee item with their admission (while supplies last), but You MUST Preregister to purchase Dairycon Exclusive Toys!

Preregistration is now CLOSED!

Before filling out the Pre-reg form, please read our Convention Rules.

A separate form must be filled out for each attendee.

Click here to catch a glimpse of past exclusives, as well as some tantalizing hints as to the 2015 offerings!

All attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Registration Form!

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* - If this registration is for an ADULT accompanying a CHILD under the age of 18, include the child's name here. If this registration is for a CHILD under the age of eighteen, include the name of the accompanying ADULT here. Include multiple names if applicable.

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Choose Admission Type:

Regular Show Attendee ($10 Admission)

Dealer (You Must Order Tables Below)

  * - Walk-Ins will be $12 at the door Saturday.

(Admission includes Dairycon 15th Anniversary poster, commemorative schedule, raffle ticket, and attendee badge.)

Dealer Table Purchase:

Note: Dealers, if you want more than the standard attendee packet, you MUST select add-ons below.

Dealer Tables: $20 Each (Includes show admission for one dealer only, not one per table.)

Purchase Dealer Table(s)

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(Please contact us if you are a larger vendor that requires additional tables.)

Note on Dealer Helpers: Dealer Helpers must register separately and should select a Regular Attendee Admission. List any Dealer Helpers below. If not registered and listed below, they will not be allowed in during dealer setup and would have to pay as a walk-in ($12).

Dealer Helper Names:

Registration Add Ons:

*SOLD OUT*Dairycon WindBreaker! Exclusive Figure #1! 15th Anniversary Exclusive figure. $22 - Limit One (Includes figure, bio card, special convention packaging, and other pack-ins. Available only at Dairycon!)

15th Anniversary Exclusive Figure #2! $199 (Includes figure, bio card, special convention packaging, and other pack-ins! Cannot be ordered; can only be won at Dairycon!

* - Cannot be ordered; can only be won at the Ultimate Prize Giveaway.


*SOLD OUT*Dairycon 15th Anniversary Frisbee: $5.00 Each - Limit One

*SOLD OUT*Dairycon 15th Anniversary Poker Chip: $3.00 Each - Limit One


15th Anniversary Upgrade Kit 1: $15.00*

15th Anniversary Upgrade Kit 2: $15.00*

15th Anniversary Upgrade Kit 3: $10.00*

15th Anniversary Upgrade Kit 4: $15.00*

* - These Dairycon Exclusive Kits Cannot Be Purchased! You can only get them by winning them at the Show! Available only at Dairycon!


Dairycon 2015 Exclusive T-Shirt: $15.00 Per Shirt

Specify size(s):

Note: Dairycon T-Shirt comes in sizes L, XL, 2XL. Other sizes require an additional charge. Please contact us for details.

Contests and Special Events:

Assemble your Own Transformer Contest!

Custom 'Bring Your Own' Jumpstarter Races!
             Read more about it here!

CLASSIC Jumpstarter Races!

I will be participating in the Art Contest!

I will be participating in the Dairycon Gaming Sessions!

Important Notes (Please Read):

Preregistration closes March 1st, 2015, so hurry!

You may receive a paypal invoice for your dealer tables, exclusive items, and t-shirts. More...

Please Note: When you Preregister, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from us within 7 business days, so you know your Pre-reg has been received. You will receive a full confirmation packet once preregistration closes. Exclusions...

For a detailed explanation of scheduled Dairycon Events, Click Here!

For directions to Dairycon, Click Here!

For a map of the dealer room, including our new Crystal Ball Room location, Click Here!

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